The Correction is Here: Dow Plumets

U.S stocks have been in a bull market now for the last 6 years.  It seems as though a correction should not be coming out of left field for everyone. Hopefully your discipline has led you to keep some powder dry (cash) and you are building a great watch list of companies you would like […]

You owe me $5 bucks, here is my phone number.

I just sent some money to a friend to pay for my dues for our softball league.   I sent it using my phone with the Square App.  You may have used this technology before.  I was at a bar with some work friends and instead of splitting the check, one person took care of […]

How Much Do you Rely on ATM’s?

Greek pensioners attempt to withdraw their money from one of the country’s national banks Louisa Gouliamaki / AFP – Getty Images “How much do you rely on ATM’s?” that was the question I was asked last week by a work colleague during the Greek crisis.  The answer?  Not at all!  It was a strange to […]

The Market’s Shit Sandwich

There is no obvious move to make in this market in my opinion. For each asset there are decent arguments for being long and being short. Lets start with the stock market.  The short case is that is stocks have been in a bull market for about 7 years and it needs a break.  On the […]

Giddy Up

The Burger Renaissance – And the Future Of McDonalds

There is a burger renaissance going on, at least here in Seattle there are a multitude of places to get a unique killer burger.  Just to name a few: Blue Moon Burgers Red Mill Burgers Uneeda Burger Dick’s Drive-in Giddy Up Burgers On top of all those, I guess In and Out is also coming […]

2 Main Reasons Why People Fail at Starting a Business – Part 2

About a week ago I posted ‘2 Main Reasons Why People Fail at Starting a Business‘ which was based off of a James Altucher podcast. I covered the 1st reason why businesses fail, and stated I would cover the second reason the next day. Well here we are a week later. To be successful in […]