2 Main Reasons Why People Fail at Starting a Business – Part 2

About a week ago I posted ‘2 Main Reasons Why People Fail at Starting a Business‘ which was based off of a James Altucher podcast. I covered the 1st reason why businesses fail, and stated I would cover the second reason the next day. Well here we are a week later. To be successful in […]

2 Main Reasons Why People Fail at Starting a Business

I was listening to a James Altuchers podcast today (I’m a fan), where he was interviewing a guy named Steve DiNisio who liquidates companies and will re-sell things like used restaurant equipment on the second hand market that he requires form the liquidation process. Over the years Steve as a liquidator has picked up on […]

The Difference Between Staples and the Federal Government

Staples is taking a lot of flack due to making its employees adhere to the 25 hour work week.  Many politicians including my own congressmen seem to be chiming in on how to run Staples.  Both seem to say that the 25 hour work week has nothing to do with Obamacare, even though a recent […]


Fear, Oil Plunge, and Gold Stocks

The yield on 10-year treasury bonds dropped over 6% this morning as I type.  This drop is huge for the bond market and indicates a lot of fear out there.  What else do people buy other than treasuries when there is fear?  Gold of course!   Though gold doesn’t quite seem to be getting the […]


Water Problems and Commodities Bounce

Our forum user DR post this article in the message board the other day, “In 60 days the mass migrations from CA begin” on dozens of communities in norther California hitting the wall with available water.  From the article, ““There’s really nothing can you about it,” resident John Dougherty told CBS San Francisco. “I don’t water […]

Slowly Re-Launching Tao Economics

If you have been here on the front page of the Tao Economics site lately, you will have noticed that it it does not look the same way as it has in the past and all the content that I have posted over the years are gone as well. I have switched the back end from […]