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Great interview with George Gammon. One note I wanted to call out around the 50 minute mark. George talks about what the pros do versus retail investing.

Watch the interview here:

..most retail investors I would argue spend 99% of their time trying to figure out what to buy or what not to buy and they spend 1% of their time on the portfolio management the money management or the risk management and from what I can tell the pros do the exact opposite

It's worth watching the entire interview.

If you need help on risk management, you can use google sheets to track your stop losses. For more details check out: https://taoeconomics.com/products/dynamic-trailing-stop-losses-using-google-sheets

Or get started right away here: https://stoploss.productdyno.com/pay/YZQJE2TY

Silver Hitting Extremes

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The silver/gold ratio is hitting 90 and above again. As you can see from the long term gold/silver ratio chart these are extreme levels where silver is cheap compared to gold.

The large spike from covid can be somewhat misleading as even though the spot price tanked, premiums over spot sky rocketed.

While the silver chart looks messy, buying today is a good deal for the long term. Right now it's in the $22 range: https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=SI&p=d

The move is from public (gov debt) to private assets. So any private asset that looks cheap buy it.

For online buying just go to APMEX's deal page: https://www.apmex.com/deals


Rebooting TaoEconomics

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I have been running the site TaoEconomics under the handle StingingNettle for quite some time.

Previously TaoEconomics was both a wordpress site where I posted market thoughts and commentary. There was also a message board with regular folks that have been around for quite some time. Originally the message board users came from the Daily Reckoning message board and Da Bears message board.

Due to my regular full time job which became very demanding as promotions and more responsibilities happened I had let the site go into a unusable state.

While, I am not clear if I will be bringing back the message board yet (I may use a different medium for a message board group), I have re-launched the site for providing market commentary and survival type posts as we approach the end of what many call the 4th turning.

Stay tuned for more further updates!