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Bearish contrarian signal for palladium
I have no idea why the USA mint has decided to strike palladium bullion
coins.  When did palladium become a "monetary metal" anyway?   

Angry But when they started cranking out bullion coins in the past,
the price of the metal in the bullion seems to go down.

Silver Eagles started 1986, price of silver went down for 15 years.

Gold Eagles also started 1986, price of gold declined for 15 years.

Platinum Eagles started 1997, price of platinum went down for 5 years.

Now they want to produce "Paladium Eagles".   Huh Huh Huh 

Idea Maybe after that they will work on "Copper Eagles".


U.S. palladium coin moving closer to production reality for collectors

U.S. Mint surveys customers on possibility of Proof version in four sizes

U.S. Mint officials are further examining the possibility of offering the
nation's first American Eagle coin struck in palladium.

The Mint is surveying its customers concerning their preferences for,
 not only a 1-ounce .9995 fine palladium coin struck in a Proof version,

 but half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce Proof versions as well.

Although the original legislation authorizing the palladium coin also sought
bullion versions, the Mint had pretty much abandoned the thought of
producing bullion versions after a contracted feasibility study concluded
the bullion palladium option would be unprofitable. The same study also
concluded collector versions offered financial promise.....

[Image: 1916-winged-liberty-dime-palladium-lead1.jpg]

[Image: transport-accidents-planes-grim_humour-f...13_low.jpg]

More photos of the up and coming USA paladium "eagle".

[Image: 1916-winged-liberty-dime-palladium-merged.jpg]

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