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Why buy AU/AG at 71 ratio .........
Dodgy Dodgy Dodgy 

                                                         Russia followed up its October gold purchase with another 1 million ounces bought in November.
This significant purchase signifies that the country was not just purchasing gold in October to hedge the possibility of an anti-Russian US president.
The Russian central bank thinks there is value in owning gold as we move forward, and we believe the same.
A few days ago, the Russian central bank released its gold reserve data for November, which is something we have been anxiously waiting for since the country's record-breaking September purchase that we detailed in our last piece.
To rehash, the reason November gold purchases were so important to us was because it would give very important insight into what the Russian central bank thought of the global financial system moving forward.

                                                         It turns out that during the month of November, Russia decided to add another 1 million ounces of gold to its reserves (around 34 tonnes). That suggests the massive buying of gold in October was not necessarily related to hedging a Clinton presidency.
It seems the Russian central bank views gold as a very attractive asset and is willing to continue to buy large amounts of the metal despite the overwhelmingly negative sentiment surrounding gold.
Last month, Russia bought around 48 tonnes of gold, and adding that to this month's 34 tonnes, it has bought around 2.5% of total world gold production over the past two months. That is significant.

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Rolleyes    JP MORGAN metals price suppression Team-LEADER / and bank run expert ... to Jamie Diamonds
Yeah, be successful.......like RUSSIA.

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