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Denmark Cracks Down on Mass Migration
Denmark Cracks Down on Mass Migration :: Gatestone Institute

Denmark Cracks Down on Mass Migration

"The Current Asylum System Has Failed"

The Danish Parliament has passed a new law that will allow the government to deport asylum seekers to countries outside of the European Union to have their cases considered abroad. The legislation is widely seen as a first step toward moving the country's asylum screening process beyond Danish borders.

"Denmark is committed to finding new and sustainable solutions to the present migration and refugee challenges that affect countries of origin, transit and destination. The current asylum system is unfair and unethical by incentivizing children, women and men to embark on dangerous journeys along the migratory routes, while human traffickers earn fortunes." — Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye.

"Gang crime in no way belongs in Denmark. When foreigners or persons to whom we in Denmark have granted Danish citizenship participate in the gangs' ruthless crime, it is a fundamental expression of contempt for the society of which they are a part. Therefore, it is good news that Parliament has today passed the government's bill to provide the opportunity to revoke citizenship in the event of serious gang crime to the serious detriment of the state's vital interests. It is a goal for the government to ensure that Danes can be safe in their everyday lives." — Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup.

The Danish Parliament approved a first-ever Repatriation Law which authorizes the government to deport failed asylum seekers and other migrants illegally in the country.... The Danish government tightened citizenship rules.... The Danish government announced a package of new proposals aimed at fighting "religious and cultural parallel societies" in Denmark.... The Danish Parliament approved a new law that bans foreign governments from financing mosques in Denmark.... The Danish Parliament approved a ban on Islamic full-face veils in public spaces.

"We hope that people will stop seeking asylum in Denmark." — MP Rasmus Stoklund.

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