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He who lives by the sword....
This is the piece of rubbish who has been threatening to kill white people in the UK. Shot by (of course) another black person in a drive-by.

From the Guardian: 

Thousands of YouTube comments on Sky News Australia video celebrate BLM activist being shot in head

[Image: 3000.jpg?width=445&quality=45&auto=forma...3b77a0e891]

Sky News Australia’s YouTube channel has published more than 9,000 comments mostly celebrating and mocking the shooting of a Black Lives Matter activist in Britain who is fighting for her life.

The racist and violent comments, which could be described as hate speech, appear below a short video news report uploaded on Monday about the activist Sasha Johnson. Johnson remains in a critical condition after sustaining a gunshot wound to her head in an incident in south London.

Quote:“Damn, every once in a while I read something that makes me want to celebrate,” one typical commentator on Sky’s YouTube channel wrote. “Hope she enjoys being a vegetable.”

Another person commented: “When you preach violence this is what you get. Don’t feel sorry for any of these criminals!!”
[Image: oY84VBo.jpg]

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