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Commentary from an NZ journalist
I thought you might find this interesting:

Mainstream media the real casualty in US election drama

One of the casualties of the Trump era is the mainstream media, who, for reasons best known to themselves, continue through their own actions to damage their reputations values and performance.

For the second time in recent days a number of networks in the States cut away from what was being said at the White House.

They cut away over the weekend when Trump was speaking. Some networks decided they didn’t like what he was saying, didn’t agree with it, thought it was false, so that was the end of that.

Kayleigh McEnany, White House spokesperson, got the same treatment yesterday.

Now, there’s a simple truth in a world of misinformation and untruths. Donald Trump is still the president.

The official side of the equation has not been sorted and won’t be for some days. In other words, the way these things work is that it generally becomes apparent as to what has happened in the election and a series of people, most notably the media along generally with the parties themselves, accept the outcome.

That’s slightly different this time. Trump of course doesn’t accept it, and no shortage of people in the Republican Party seem to think at the very least he should chasing some sort of resolution through the courts.

But while all that is going on, the last of the votes are still being counted and eventually an announcement will be made on the result.

Even at that point, even if Trump loses all his court battles, he is still the President until January next year. And as such, has the right to be treated as President because he is.

The simple reality is that, all over the world, a lot of strange unusual often dishonest material is passed off as fact or policy or promises at the highest of levels.

The media, especially the main stream media who still openly purport to be fair and balanced, have a duty to report it. So this new approach of editing as we go will do them then yet more damage in a world where their reputations range from questionable to outright trashed.

Another irony of course is their ongoing insistence on neutrality when no such thing exists. They are not fair or balanced or remotely neutral, the crime being they pretend they are.

So let’s have some rules, shall we?

If you hate Trump, always did and are now loving his demise, at least stick your hand up and say so, so that when you cut away from the office of the President we at least get why.

Otherwise, the job remains as it always has: to cover the office, not the President.
To inform, not editorialize, to be impartial in a way that actually shows you are, as opposed to the circus being offered up currently.

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