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Hyperinflation is here
(10-23-2020, 02:37 AM)andrew_o Wrote: There's on more factor I will tell you about tomorrow. It's a quiz - can you guess?

extinguishing debt.
paid off or default, both work.

BTW did you notice your list was basically what I was saying,
increased productivity and technology
It's population.

The rise in global population has failed to materialize. The only places where it's still rising significantly are places that don't have much economic impact - the middle of Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. The UN population estimates have consistently overstated population growth and now we face an aging population that doesn't want to buy much stuff.

And it's going to get worse/better depending on your point of view. Fertility rates are falling everywhere. I may see peak population in my lifetime.

This is very deflationary.

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