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Profiles in corruption by Peter Schweizer
I'm part way through this book at the moment and I recommend it to you all. Especially you Aqua.

I'm still in the Kamala Harris section, and it's an eye opener. The book is specific and is a litany of corruption and influence peddling. She started out her political career by having a long running affair with the widely corrupt speaker of the Ca legislature Willie Brown and used this relationship to get on numerous lucrative control boards. Payola all the way. This influence got her a job in the DAs office and she eventually became DA with the help of a massive amount of cash and support from SFs richest families including the Getty clan, along with all manner of influence peddling. Once she became DA she used her position to gain more power and wealth.  From then on, people facing investigation by the cops could contribute to her election campaign funds and the investigations died. From slum landlords, through corrupt road contractors (don't breath when you're on the highway that leads over the golden gate bridge because the concrete is substandard) right through to halting investigations into child abuse in the Catholic Church.  

What a totally evil little witch that woman is. Not just bent - nasty with it.
I read this months ago when it was first published. Mention it to Democrat supporters and the contents, they don't want to know. I was living in San Fran when she was DA. She ignored the Catholic church scandals to get Irish Catholic votes. The Frank Biden story takes the biscuit.
Great Wayne! I'm pleased someone else has read it.

What Democrats need to get in their head is that this isn't vague innuendo about Russian influence or what tax someone should have paid, this book details a vast litany of systemic abuse of power and influence peddling. Names are named and exact dollar amounts provided. It is outrageous!
It was a best seller but not mentioned as such. Surprised that none of the people on this board have bothered to read and comment on it. The author has done some good research here but as I said, no real reaction to these anecdotes. Minds are already made up.

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