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women in sport and the military
Basically women can't even compete against schoolboys:

[Image: D-QwwumXoAAS7ay?format=jpg&name=large]
(09-08-2020, 12:33 AM)andrew_o Wrote: Basically women can't even compete against schoolboys:


reminds me of the "group guilt" talk I hear a lot lately.

to me it's now whether or not one type of human does better than another, it's about should they be free to compete under the same rules - and the answer is YES, even if 99.83% of one type of human fail against the worst of the other group.

I think that's how this got started, then that bull about "equal results" sickly warped in from "equal OPPORTUNITY".

that said, THAT list of physical activity was a little bit cherry picked you know.
Just a year ago on THIS board I posted the ALL TIME, SWIMMING Records from a local large HIGH SCHOOL
and 100% of the FEMALE times beat ALL the Men's times and usually BY FAR.
Girls do well at swimming at a certain age in junior high because of greater flexibility and having more fat (buoyancy) but in adulthood the men go far ahead because they're stronger and taller. Rather in the same way as ten year old girls making great gymnasts, but by 16 they've lost it.

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