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does it even kill anymore??
(Yesterday, 01:40 AM)DaveGillie Wrote:
(Yesterday, 12:46 AM)brunt Wrote: .............

And I don't see people putting up with it for much longer.


wanna bet??????

some places are worse and I've seen no real revolt yet. have YOU?

MY STATE, Michigan, where MOST Adults have been vaccinated, STILL has huge restrictions with no end in sight.

I'm not debating you on this. I'm a realist - just because I cannot see people putting up with it, I am learning that it is an entirely different matter altogether whether or not it will play out in practice.

We're at somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3% vaccinated because of federal government ineptitude when it came to actually ordering vaccines. Total crapshow up here, yet people are still fawning over our Prime Minister.
CNN’s Dr. Reiner: Biden Admin. Should Shift from Pushing Masks in Public to Saying ‘Vaccines Work’ and Fully Vaccinated ‘Don’t Need a Mask’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” CNN Medical Analyst and Professor of Medicine at The George Washington University Medical Center Dr. Jonathan Reiner stated that President Joe Biden is sending “the wrong message” by wearing a mask in rooms full of vaccinated people and “instead of continuing to hawk the message of masks in public,” the administration should be pushing a message that the vaccines work and if you’re fully vaccinated, “you don’t need a mask.”

Reiner said, “I think it’s the wrong message. It’s confusing people. There was just a study today that was published out of the Cleveland Clinic. They looked at 47,000 of their employees and looked at the instance of hospitalization from January through the middle of April, and what they found is that of the people who were hospitalized with COVID-19 who work for the Cleveland Clinic, 99.75% were not completely vaccinated. Said in another way, only .25% of people, that’s 2.5 out of 1,000, who were hospitalized for COVID-19 had received both vaccines. So, the message really needs to be that the vaccines work, and if two people like we’re sitting here are vaccinated, there is no risk to either one of us. There’s even less risk out in public. So what the administration really should be doing is instead of continuing to hawk the message of masks in public, they should be hawking the message that vaccines are incredibly effective and vaccines work. So, if you’re completely vaccinated, you’re two weeks after either your second vaccination or two weeks after the single J&J shot, go out and about, you don’t need a mask.”

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