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More ISIS Air support cover
Last couple weeks Russia's been complaining a lot in the news about how surrounding Mosul on THREE sides was purposeful to drive the terrorists into destablizing Syria.

FINALLY Russia forcibly warned that they wouldn't let this happen and could stop them with their air power.

SO Evidently, the US decided they needed to own the skies over the only undefended escape route from Mosul (to Syria).

I'm sure we will be very effective (at what we want to accomplish)

Quote:US aircraft to block ISIL militants fleeing Mosul in Iraq
The U.S.-led coalition has developed plans to target Islamic State militants from the air if they attempt to escape the Iraqi city of Mosul and head west toward Syria, as Iraqi ground forces close in on the city from several sides, a top U.S.
I think the Russians have stated the situation quite precisely.

Since the article didn't offer much in terms of visuals, here's a few.

The Kurdish Peshmerga are moving in from the Northeast and East, and the Iraqi forces are
coming in from the Southeast and East, leaving the obvious escape route for ISIS to the
West (and Syria):

[Image: Mosul_Area_2_20161031_TWIG.jpg]

Here's a more detailed map showing the situation as of last Thursday October 27
(color coding for respective forces is the same in all):

[Image: Battle_For_Mosul_20161031_TWIG.jpg]

This is going to be a textbook example of urban warfare and is going to last a long, long time.

And will be very, very bloody.

Even after ISIS is expelled, the problems are likely to continue, as Mosul sits astride the Tigris and
is at an intersection of different cultures, religions, and languages:

[Image: Iraq_Ethnic_2_20161031_TWIG.jpg]
"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences."  -- RLStevenson

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