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Climate change demonstration...

This kind of rubbish politics seems to have crawled out of the woodwork very recently, the past ten if not five years.  The Guardian also today, as well as covering this as their top story, have an article about some highly paid stockbroker whinging that he bought a lifetime airline ticket in 1987 that isn't living up to its promise, the writer drivelling on endlessly in an extremely long and boring article, seemingly unaware that it might not be cool to brag that somebody made huge numbers of flights.  Well, it is ok because the elites can do that. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle...den-ticket

Todays non-stories include yet another flight to Rome by Prince Harry and Meghan, celebrities having fake emotions, and endless pictures of climate change protestors wearing leopard print tights and white polkadot Zara dresses (this season's fashion, so not recycled).

I find this sort of politics scary, in a world where there are real things, where the police don't have time to bother with violent crime but thousands of them are ever so gentle with these protestors, often six police carrying a smirking protestor who is able to walk while some old lady dies somewhere because there just aren't the police to be there.

You never see these upper middle class protestors give up anything themselves, they have a lot more flights than ordinary people, and wear the latest fashions and high fashion tights without real holes (not the trendy ones you buy like that). I am still trying to work out exactly what they are demanding, but suspect it is just to charge ordinary people higher taxes for clothes, heating their homes, and the occasional cheap flights they make?

I would love to think of ways of turning the tables on these upper middle class protestor types, make them feel a little pain in their hypocritical pleasures. My carbon footprint is tiny. Why should I feel sorry for a stockbroker who has a carbon footprint millions of times the size of mine, who feels he has the right to fly all he wants but I should be priced out of any flight? Oh yeah, and the Guardian champions him. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle...den-ticket

It has got to the point where I don't even feel ok to just ignore them, or take note of which politicians, celebrities and writers (Margaret Atwood) support them, and remember not to vote for them and avoid listening to or reading them. I am starting to feel the need to invade their world as much as they invade my tiny world, not in any physical way but to just verbally and emotionally tear them limb from limb. I want them to not be able to sleep at night when they get home in their planes and taxis from their society dinner parties.
All good and telling points, Silverfish.
I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having it's motives questioned.
Excellent post Silverfish!

There is indeed an emergency in climate, in that this is the last roll of the dice by the climate pimps. More and more voters are casting their votes against these people because they can see what's behind it: A power grab by a woke and hypocritical elite who don't like 'popularism' - ie their democratically elected candidates carrying out their wishes.

We saw this in the recent Australian general election: Where a Labour/Green coalition pushed the climate thing to the max and were aided by embedded left wing journalists in the state owned TV channel (ABC). But the voters massively rejected them and installed a strong centre/right government instead. That's the writing on the wall for the climate scam.

These radicals use the old time-tested tactic of pushing the children to the front of the demonstration. In this instance is this 'special needs' kid from Scandinavia they're pimping out. It's akin to child abuse.

You're spot-on in your observation that these aren't poor kids. The left no longer represents the poor and working class. Today's left are the offspring of an urban, liberal elite.

Your other incisive point was noting that these people don't know what they want. They're protesting about climate but if you cornered a few and asking them what her plan was, you'd find they don't have one. My dark suspicion is that once one scrapes away the facade of 'caring', what they really want is for others, the 'untermenchen' to suffer deprivation so that their gorgeous jet-setting lifestyle isn't impacted in any way. So many of the leaders of the New Work Left are self-entitled snobs. Their carbon footprint doesn't count on account of them being oh so special.

Socialism has once again found its roots: Both Marx and Trotsky were idle snobs who lived off rich benefactors.

George Soros is backing ‘climate activist’ Greta Thunberg
Quote:In a recent short piece for Causeur online magazine, titled J’ai tenté d’interviewer Greta Thunberg: Les plus fervents défenseurs du “climat” ne connaissent rien au “climat” (I tried to interview Greta Thunberg: the most fervent defenders of the ‘climate’ know nothing about it), Marc Reisinger details how he met Greta on the street in Stockholm during one of her climate sit-ins: “I heard you’re telling students to study the climate. I’d like to interview you on this topic if you agree.” He sensed her discomfort, perhaps fear, then she pulled off her wool cap at which point a middle-aged woman appeared, pulling Greta away, saying she had something else to do. All with the help of a bodyguard dressed in black watching the scene. The video showing this encounter has English subtitles:

Quote:Reisinger rightly wonders how some of the globalist big-wigs can prostrate themselves before her when, clearly, she’s virtually mute with adults, only able to chat easily with other young people she’s recruited to persuade. His sense is that she’s been programmed – manipulated no less – to give apocalyptic speeches in front of the great and good, and wonders if her autism is used as an excuse to shut her up at key moments.
Reisinger also interviewed a secondary school teacher (on video in French) who encourages his students to protest against ‘global warming’ (we’ve published a lot on why this is fake science), yet he appears to know no more than his students on the topic.
FreeWest Media below gives us the connections between Greta’s ‘handlers’, her mother, George Soros, and Bill Gates through his ONE foundation. The globalists are relentless.

George Soros is backing Greta Thunberg

Behind the world famous 16-year-old climate activist, there is a liberal oligarch and a globalist movement.

Quote:Greta Thunberg has become world renowned because of her fight against climate change and lower temperatures on Earth. It all started in 2018 when she began a school strike on her own, standing outside the Swedish parliament with different placards trying to shape opinion and get young people to join.

The Swedish mainstream media quickly picked up her one-girl-mission against climate change and wrote several articles about her.

Few citizens of Sweden could back then even dream of what the future would hold – soon enough Thunberg met the Pope (pictured), spoke in front of the United Nations, and has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

The once lonely 15-year old girl has become world famous, more or less over night, when international mainstream media started reporting about her 15-day-long school strike. Arnold Schwarzenegger even invited her to a climate meeting in Vienna.
So who is this young idealist? Greta Thunberg is now 16-years old and the daughter of famous opera singer and left-liberal activist Marlena Ernman (pictured above), who in the background has helped her daughter get started.

Thunberg soon also got her own coach – a well-known climate activist from Germany by the name Luisa-Marie Neubauer (pictured). What is the likelihood of a young girl who starts a school strike outside the Swedish parliament, getting schoolchildren from all over the world to join her cause and fight against climate change? And how often do 16-year-olds have their own coaches?
[Image: LuisaMarieGreta-265x300.jpg]

Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who has been captured on a numerous images and videos together with Greta when the two direct climate change protests all over the world, belongs to the organisation called ONE” foundation.

It has several well-known wealthy financiers, including Bono as well as Bill and Melissa Gates. An even more striking name is that of the multi-billionaire oligarch George Soros, notorious for his currency speculation and maybe even more prominent as the father of the global, radical, and left-liberal lobby and activist network “Open Society”, supporting thousands of NGOs.

Poor kid!
[Image: 71109040_2940965885931082_68571000360822...e=5DF61234]

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