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Foxconn to replace suicidal Chinese slaves with robots making iPhones
(12-30-2016, 11:48 PM)ModestProposals Wrote: There is, however, a central side effect to automation that would specifically benefit a company like Foxconn. The manufacturer has been plagued by its sometimes abysmal worker conditions and a high rate of employee suicide. So much so in fact that Foxconn had to install suicide netting at factories throughout China and take measures to protect itself against employee litigation. By replacing humans with robots, Foxconn would relieve itself of any issues stemming from its treatment of workers without having to actually improve living and working conditions or increase wages. But in doing so, it will ultimately end up putting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people out of work.


JUST to PROVE a business can NOT WIN in DR's eyes (and many other sick minded people),

we now call safety measures "suicide prevention to protect SELF from litigation",

and of course having automation doing a job that is SO HORRIBLE that humans prefer suicide
is just another example of the GREED of the business trying to destroy jobs AND SIMULTANEOUSLY being guilty of bad working conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ONLY in a wacko upside down sick FANTASY world can anyone sincerely think like this!!!
where is that giant head banging smiley face?????

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