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Trump is right about mail in voting.
(07-20-2020, 07:52 PM)andrew_o Wrote: Aqua, I'm not sure if you're being deliberately obtuse or what

Mail voting is open to massive abuse, especially for someone living in a rough area. People are TOLD by the local 'community leaders' (= thugs) to request voting by mail. Then they stand over you while you vote for the person of THEIR choice, or in some cases just take the voting papers off you and complete them themselves.

If you lose the secret ballot, you lose your democracy - it's that simple.

There are weakness' to mail in voting.

There is probably a way to monkey around with all votes.  But do you really want people to stand in line for 4 or more hours during a pandemic to vote ?

Here is an example of voter fraud by mail.  Guess which party.....


[Image: EczSSkCU8AAZ7t31?1594638310]

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