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Let's play a game of what comes next...
(08-13-2017, 11:54 PM)brunt Wrote: .
It has been hinted by the government that despite the government's most valiant attempts, women still earn roughly $0.78 to every men's dollar. As a result, they have also hinted that they want to sneak in different tax rates based on gender to "correct" for this "unfairness". This sits well with they equality of results mindset.

hints aren't laws though, "they" can "hint" all they want, it's irrelevant to the words of the law.
I'm sure it was their intent, but it was NOT the wording in the law. Therefore the law IS written gender neutral.

I just cannot handle this kind of stupidity. Not only is it wrong, wrong, wrong to have tax rates based on gender, they were stupid enough to make it all legal like to change you gender with little more than your own word.

It is wrong, ALL taxes are, and most fall in morally repugnant ways with different effect. Just the nature of them.

I can handle different opinions, but I have a hard time with stupidity.

ahh, but it was NOT stupid, it was super tricky smart.

why would you say it's stupid for "them" to get exactly what they want (taxing men more) without having to actually SAY you're taxing men more!!
the WORDS in the law are GENDER NEUTRAL. it just has disparate impact (like all tax laws do)
and it appears to fall on those "evil RICH bastards" - all the better (in their eyes)

AS TO THAT ability to change your gender? that will and should bite them - but it will NOT IN THIS CASE.
because it will INVIDUALLY make absolutely no difference to anyone - as I said, the law is written gender neutral and will tax a female the same as a male.

YOU see the MACRO Stats, (mainly men own private corps)
but those don't motivate, NOBODY will change their gender declaration on the (losing) HOPE that many will and macro stats will change in teh future AND that that will have an effect on tax law that rarely changes.

They won Brunt, with their very SMART (and evil) new tax LAW,
admit it.


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