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Full Version: Welcome to Apartheid America
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This is the EXACT opposite of what MLK wanted:

Seattle libraries implement racial segregation in the name of social justice
[Image: kings-library.jpg]

Quote:The King County library in Washington State have been holding "separate but equal" training sessions for their employees, all in the name of social justice.
According to Chris Rufo, filmmaker is the director of the Discovery Institute's Center on Wealth & Poverty, "…at the King County Library System, a private consulting firm called Racial Equity Consultants recently held racially-segregated "listening sessions" as part of the library's ongoing racial justice programs.

The consultants "begin with an anti-oppression framework" and use segregated sessions in order to root out "institutional privileges and systemic inequities embedded in the current socio-political conditions that influence and affect our institutions."

The consultants discovered widespread "institutional racism" in the library system—and dismissed employees who reported "not experiencing or witnessing racism while working at KCLS" as likely suffering from the false consciousness of "internalized racism." When reached by e-mail, Racial Equity Consultants said it was not authorized to comment.

Rufo told The Post Millennial that the pictures of the signs for the training sessions he posted on social media today came from a whistleblower and reminded him "…signs on (segregated) water fountains in the 1950's."

"Segregation was wrong in the 1950's and it is wrong today, especially in King County named after Martin Luther King, Jr." Rufo said.