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Full Version: Biden/Trump debate drinking game
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Tonight there is another Trump vs Biden debate.

Lucky for us someone created a drinking game to go with it. Smile 

Take a sip of your favorite booze whenever Trump says:

1. Hunter Biden.

2. Russia.

3. Boasts of his victory over Covid.

4. Lies.

5.  Wearing a mask.

Take a sip when Biden .......

1. Starts a sentence with "Look Folks..."

2.  Says "Police Reform".

3.  Brings up Trump's tax returns.

4.  Says "Malarkey".

5.  Says "Climate Change".

Take a sip when either one of them:

1. Changes direction in mid-sentence.

2.  Says "The United States of America".

3.  Dodges the question put to them.

Finish the bottle if.....

1. Donald Trump says the Pandemic is over.

2.  Joe Biden dozes off.
[Image: 20201021edhan-a.jpg?resize=807x807]
You forgot:


6. The thing

7. It works like this


6. The best

7. The greatest