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Full Version: The lunacy continues
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Lewis Hamilton wears a chain & lock in order to protest about slavery. While wearing Hugo Boss (an actual Nazi) and driving for Mercedes who used slave labour & built gas chambers.

He's thick as mince isn't he?

He had the most privileged upbringing - his father was rolling in money and could afford to give his son a competitive Go Kart and pay for race coaching lessons.

(And yes, Hugo Boss did in fact design and make the uniforms for the Nazis in WW2)  

[Image: 106911868_2688060738119767_2645175133401...e=5F29314A]
Who cares ?

Young people buy all kinds of stupid crap.

[Image: 71r+tlGKvJL._AC_UL480_QL65_.jpg]
I'd buy those!
A fool and his money are soon parted.