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Full Version: Trump campaign song
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Big Grin  I am sure we will be hearing this song play at every Trump campaign rally.

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[/url]Bleach Boys - The Dead Milkmen - YouTube

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Lyrics "Bleach Boys"
By The Dead Milkmen

From Beelzebubba
© 1988

I've got some buddies and we all drink bleach
You know we practice what we preach
We're not a drunken bunch of frat boys drunk on beer
Or a stoned bunch of hippies with no careers
I wanna drink bleach with a Georgia Peach
My pals and I all drink Clorox
Or eat Snowy right out of the box
Teenage suicide rate shot high and we
Understand the reason why
Bleach does more than whiten socks
Don't you wanna hang out with the bleach boys baby
In a land where ministers murder golf pros?
Don't you wanna drink some bleach tonight?
Maybe there'll be a party at the beach
We'll bitch about life and chug-a-lug bleach
No ones getting high and no one's getting drunk
We got a case off bleach stashed in the trunk.
I wanna die with clorox within reach.
I'm very proud of the respect I've earned
And my voice is very deep 'cause my throat got burned.
Bleach keeps you young so I've been told
'cause no one who drinks it lives to be old
Drink it with a chaser is the first thing I learned.
Don't you wanna hang out with the bleach boys baby
In a land where midgets run for mayor?
Don't you wanna drink some bleach tonight?
I had 26 friends in the beginning
But now it seems our numbers are thinning
Some people drive fast others love to bet
Still others snort coke in a private jet.
But drinking bleach is my way of winning.
(Bad guitar solo)
I'm so bored I'm drinking bleach (x472)

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Genaro / Linderman / Sabatino / Schulthise
Bleach Boys lyrics © BMG Rights Management
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