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Not sure future AI will be either, A or I
I had a weird thought the other day,

everyone talks about AI as if it is an inevitable future for humans,
and always as we discuss it, we talk of it's ARTIFICIAL Nature and it's INTELLIGENCE property.

as I fantasy described a future with AI, I realized, much will not really be Intelligent, it will just BE.
THEN I realized, hell, much won't even be considered Artificial. I mean, think of the definition of Artificial. 
made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally,

so the moment that AI reproduces itself, it is NO LONGER "Artificial".

and the definition of Intelligence?
the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
SO What we create/design them to be intelligent (supposedly)
what happens NEXT or in reality? I'd bet most will be - or become basically UNintelligent!

so I'm really not sure our future AI will be intelligent at all, they may just plain EXIST (or be stupid fodder for something else).

SO IF AI is NOT,  A nor I???]

just what the hell WILL it be? or should we call it????

at the very least, it's something we should think about, our kids may live with it.

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