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smart warm MICH student FREEZES dead
so many WEIRD parts to this story.

Engineering student, HIKING,  at a camp FIRE, weather in mid 40s (seems warm to me - but i'm from Mich), with FRIENDS
lost for just an HOUR or two, but found fine, set in front of Camp Fire where he then later, FREEZES TO DEATH a few hours later.
Police have not released the student's name pending notification of family.

it takes the others hours to find cell signal area to call for help,
then hours for help to find them (I thought cell phones had GPS? - maybe hikers need Personal locator beacons too??).

Michigan Tech student dies from hypothermia on hiking trip

The hell? Yeah that does sound odd. I guess if it was wet and windy and he was wearing cotton it could happen. It can be hard to feel the heat from a camp fire if there is no back wall to reflect the heat.

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