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Where do they get these numbers from?

I think that IQ of 79 they ascribe to Boris Johnson might come from some sketchy media trick played on him with some stupid questions asked him live, which don't test intelligence anyway.  I didn't read the whole story, my moments are too important, it just looked like a stupid stunt.  He seems like a smart man who listens to people and understands all the nuances of what they are saying.

I get the feeling that if his old school stooped to informing the mainstream media of Boris' true, properly tested IQ, it would be a lot higher than that.

These tests have to be properly administered, they aren't party tricks.
I have been given I.Q. tests at various points of my life.

Once I got 85, another time I got 117, still yet another time I got 138, another time I got 168, and the last test I took said I had an I.Q. of 144.

Of course, I am older than 50-55 now, so my I.Q. scores are dropping rapidly.  I am worried that I am headed for senile dementia in my old age like my mother.
I wanted my IQ testing once but the testers demanded a 'search fee'

Huh Huh Huh

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