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Worst doomer porn ever and 100%True
Quote:A recent survey shows that a staggering amount of our stuff is coming ashore on the extremely remote Henderson Island. Henderson Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Pitcairn Group of Islands in the South Pacific, roughly half way between New Zealand and Peru. According to UNESCO, Henderson is one of the best examples we have of an elevated coral atoll ecosystem. It was colonized by Polynesians between the 12th and 15th centuries but has been uninhabited by humans since then. It is of interest to evolutionary biologists because it has 10 plant species and four bird species that are only found there. Despite its uninhabited status and its extremely remote location, a recent survey of beach plastic on Henderson Island revealed that the island has the highest density of debris reported anywhere in the world: an estimated minimum of 37.7 million items weighing 17.6 tons. This represents the total amount of plastic that is produced in the world every 1.98 seconds.

Guns don't kill people, the government does.
Thanks Herring. From the article above as I eat my organic strawberries out of their plastic container:

"So the ocean, actually, instead of thinking of garbage patches or islands, we should think of the ocean as a giant plastic soup."

Check out the picture in that article of the uninhabited island beach. Devastating.
Here's another very disturbing movie about the Ocean. (Copied from another thread)
Andrew, there's a new movie out called "Chasing Coral" (on Netflix) that states the recent 30% die off of the great barrier reef as well as the global coral die offs seen around the planet are from the rise in ocean temperatures caused by global warming. Stating over 93% ( so exact!) of rising global temperature is placed in the ocean and that we will see the complete die off of the coral ecosystem in 30 years or so. You live in Australia right? How do you perceive the coral die offs there?

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