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Fake MSM in flames today
[Image: 17342628_867726706698559_215542067872324...e=595E6EA5]

Rachel squirming   Big Grin

[Image: 17309890_867781270026436_224626619008372...e=592F7C67]
LOL! That was pathetic. They also said stealing them was illegal.
Fat Fuck "reporter" sez Melania shooting porn
And here is where the fat fuck "reporter" who provided the returns, sitting in on the Lawrence O'Donnell show, proposes that some unspecified wage income shown on the tax return must have been from Mrs Trump's porn shoots. 

Watch Rachel and Larry sitting there in their low budget time filler, pretending to be journalists.
[Image: 17342597_1472676312750548_30434115567609...e=59678216]

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