Poll: Would you ride in an Ehang 184, autonomous single-passenger aircraft?
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Yes, if it's deemed safe by Ehang and Dubai, the odds of anything happening to me are very small.
0 0%
No way, not ever.
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Somewhere in between--they'd have to operate for a year, or so many passengers carried, without an accident, before I'd go up in one.
2 100.00%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Passenger-carrying drone as taxi in Dubai this summer?
The Chinese Ehang 184 was announced sometime last year...it's a drone, but with seating for one person and room for a briefcase (100 kg capacity).

Apparently Dubai is going to allow them to be used as a taxi service later this year.   It will be centrally-controlled, you just climb into the seat and select your destination on a touchscreen, and it takes you there.  Range of 40-50 km (25 mi. +/-).


Ignoring cost, would you ride in one?
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