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Manipulated global warming data

If proven to be true, this is MASSIVE.

Quote:Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

The Mail on Sunday can reveal a landmark paper exaggerated global warming

It was rushed through and timed to influence the Paris agreement on climate change

America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration broke its own rules
The report claimed the pause in global warming never existed, but it was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data

The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.
A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.
The report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed, and that world temperatures had been rising faster than scientists expected. Launched by NOAA with a public relations fanfare, it was splashed across the world’s media, and cited repeatedly by politicians and policy makers.
But the whistleblower, Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has shown The Mail on Sunday irrefutable evidence that the paper was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data.
It was never subjected to NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process – which Dr Bates devised.
His vehement objections to the publication of the faulty data were overridden by his NOAA superiors in what he describes as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’ of what became known as the Pausebuster paper.
His disclosures are likely to stiffen President Trump’s determination to enact his pledges to reverse his predecessor’s ‘green’ policies, and to withdraw from the Paris deal – so triggering an intense political row.

Game on I reckon!

Big Grin
Oh yeah.

Changing the data to fit the theory has been going on for some time (and began to be exposed as such
back during the Climategate reveal of e-mails from the Climate Change Unit of East Anglia University back
in November 2009) but I always like to see further confirmation of an inconvenient truth.

(A lame attempt at humor.)

And most certainly dates back to the time when the Anthropogenic Global Warming crowd saw what was
really happening.

Since none of the alarmist AGW predictions came true, these activists changed their meme to 'Climate Change'.

Of course, their primary motivation is not really about environmental worry and its effects on humanity.

But rather about Command and Control of the dumb masses (in both senses of how that phrase sounds).

At this point, only the most die-hard dyed-in-the-wool left/liberal/progressives actually believe  that
'Climate Change' has anything at all to do with environmentalism.

Along with the naïve and ill-informed.

But for them Climate Change has become a sort of secular religion (taking the place of an actual religion
in their heads) that has little or nothing to do with actual science.

And functions well among that virtue-signaling mob as that sort of substitute religion.

Given that, what are the chances of actually convincing a Global Warmist of the truth?

About the same as convincing a hard-core Catholic or Christian fundamentalist
that their invisible friend is not real.
"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences."  -- RLStevenson
Well said.
I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having it's motives questioned.

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