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Melania Trump’s Absence From Washington Raises Questions About Her Role
The elephant in the room is that Melania is the country's first-ever foreign First Lady, and the first one not fluent in English.  (John Quncy Adams, the sixth president, was married to a woman born in London, but her father was there as part of the US diplomatic staff).  While she can communicate at a basic level, she'll never be able to chit-chat, and can't be expected to answer spontaneous questions in a way appropriate to someone in her office.  Expect this to become an issue in the future, as First Ladies actually have a grueling schedule they're supposed to adhere to.  Seems to me there are three options:  1) avoid doing most of the things she's expected to--and be criticized 2) do them anyway, committing various faux pas and being criticized as quiet and standoffish, or 3) have Ivanka largely take over the role (but she's already doing a lot of other things in the administration.

Guns don't kill people, the government does.
Why does she need to chat when her body does the talking?

That won't help much with the cackling hens she's expected to deal with.
Guns don't kill people, the government does.
Spectacularly odd.
She's gonna blow!

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