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It's climate you can believe in!
Massive Storm Hits California; Closes Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

The massive winter storm hitting California this weekend and early this week, powered by an “atmospheric river” of moisture from the Pacific Ocean, forced the closure of many Lake Tahoe ski resorts Sunday due to extreme weather conditions.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported: “Ski resorts across the Sierra Nevada shut down for the day Sunday, with flooding, avalanche danger and high winds causing too many weather hazards for skiers and snowboarders.” Resorts are expected to re-open Monday, though rain and snow are still falling throughout the state, from Los Angeles through Northern California.

The precipitation is another sign that the state’s five-year drought may finally be coming to an end — although officials now fear that much off the water could be lost if warmer rain melts some of the snowpack that has already settled on the Sierra Nevada, and which typically feeds the state’s waterways through the spring. Flooding and landslides are also feared, as the runoff from the storm surges through California’s rivers and down mountains and hillsides ravaged by summer fires.

Flooding that was feared at Yosemite National Park has been narrowly averted, as the Merced River has stayed within a few feet of overflowing its banks. However, the park has largely been evacuated, leaving few to enjoy the rare spectacle of water gushing from new waterfalls down normally-dry mountain faces. A mudslide as large as a football field did flow onto the I-80 connecting Reno to San Francisco across the Sierra Nevada on Sunday Night, forcing the road’s closure in both directions.
The cold and wet weather did not deter participants in San Francisco’s annual “No Pants Subway Ride,” an unofficial event that attracts pranksters to the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, often to the amusement and horror of fellow commuters.
Quote:Salon: Here’s a List of Potential Climate Budget Cuts
Eric Worrall / November 23, 2016
[Image: big_green_cancelled.jpg?w=300&h=291]
Guest essay by Eric Worrall
Salon has helpfully provided Americans with a list of Federal climate budget cuts which can be applied on day one of the new Trump administration.
Quote:Politicizing climate change: Donald Trump’s budget could cut climate funding for NASA, other federal departments
Donald Trump, in an effort to cut spending, is likely going to slash some important climate change programs
The world is waiting to hear what President-elect Donald Trump has in mind for governing the U.S. Among the biggest questions is what will happen to the budget for climate and energy-related activities.
Though they’re a relatively small piece of a federal budget that is in excess of $1 trillion, how the administration deals with climate and energy will go a long ways toward determining the future of the planet.
“We don’t get a second chance,” Secretary of State John Kerry said last week at the United Nations climate talks in Morocco. “We have to get this right and we have to get it right now.”

Energy Department
2017 climate-related budget: $8.5 billion

Interior Department
2017 climate-related budget: $1.1 billion

State Department
2017 climate-related budget: $984 million

2017 climate-related budget: $1.9 billion

Environmental Protection Agency
2017 climate-related budget: $1.1 billion

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2017 climate-related research and development: $190 million
Read more: http://www.salon.com/2016/11/23/politici...partments/
I must say I’m impressed – that’s $13.5 billion of useless waste which can be cut immediately from the Federal Budget. $13.5 billion is an awful lot of road resurfacing and bridge repairs, or a very welcome new year bonus for hard pressed taxpaying Americans.
Good job guys – if you have any more tips Salon, please be sure to forward them to the Trump Administration.
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I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having it's motives questioned.
Great post!

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