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Where the inflation is today
I think the USA is at a turning point.

The billionaire class is doing just fine thanks to the virus - all the Big Tech companies are thriving while the middle class are being crushed.

It looks like the Biden administration is going print money and throw it at its friends in democrat controlled cities, big business, banks and the arts. Heroes Act my ass!

What's more, it's going to get worse. A lot worse: 

There's a wave of illegals heading to the southern border so the old game of suppressing US labour wage rates will recommence after the recovery of the Trump era. He's going to give all the 'dreamers' citizenship too. 

Biden has said he's going to let the Big Tech companies import unlimited Indians on visas. That will kill off the tech middle class pretty soon.

He's going to allow China to dump products and steal US intellectual property because, as we know, he's China's man. So that's manufacturing screwed too.

At some point this MUST debase the dollar. Might gold be long term a wise investment at this point? Or non USD denominated shares.

None of this is made up - they are his stated policies. More fool you!

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