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Biden's cognitive decline

Actual quote:

(08-11-2020, 10:07 PM)andrew_o Wrote: Classic

The Dems have painted themselves into a bit of a corner here. It is officially open season to be able to make fun of how he talks, since it is claimed that he is mentally fine. You cannot make fun of someone who is handicapped in some way, but it is tolerable if they are not. It is certainly common to make fun of how President Trump talks, which is admittedly, different. 

So they have the choice of either sitting silently while missteps result in mocking, or to defend, thereby stepping into the "mentally unfit" trap. Option "C" is to yell "squirrel" and point to something in hopes of distracting voters like you can with a dog. I think that "C" is their most viable option.

Having dealt with mental declines of three of my grandparents (in their 90's), the signs are there if you ask me. He is clearly still comfortable talking in front of large crowds, but the stutter, inability to find words, substitution of highly generic words ("you know, the thing"), the rambling and almost complete inability to actually come to the point are troubling signs.

Couple that with his temper, and the optimal strategy for the President will be just continually jabbing at VP Biden until he breaks. I don't think that it can possibly end well for VP Biden - the two most likely outcomes are that he looks like a wimp for not fighting back, or looks like he has declined mentally - given that frustration greatly increases the stumbling of speech in cases of cognitive decline.

At the moment they're coping by hiding him away, using the virus as an excuse. But now that campaign season is on they can't keep that up for long: At some point he has to front up and face some unscripted questions. And goodness knows how he'll cope in a debate!

For once Trump has been quite smart in cancelling his mass gatherings and instead going to factories to speak. It avoids the criticism that he's undermining virus isolation and shows him with real people in working clothes next to productive machinery - a very good look.
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