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Immigration Is Cannibalization by the Elite
Eric Weinstein: Immigration Is Cannibalization by the Elite

U.S. immigration policy is a form of cannibalism in which hungry elites devour Americans’ wealth and civil rights, Eric Weinstein told Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“Instead of seeing each other as a source of camaraderie, or military support, or innovation, we started using each other as a source of protein, and then we started out the process of American self-cannibalization,” said Weinstein, who is the managing director of Peter Thiel’s venture capital fund, Thiel Capital.
The cannibalism was prompted by the elite’s failure in the 1970s to keep growing the nation’s economy, said Weinstein, who earned a PhD. in mathematical physics from Harvard.
In the United States, the civil right that is being eaten by the elite cannibals is each Americans’ right to make a living in their shared, American-only, national labor market, said Weinstein.
The political disease began in the 1980s in the nation’s elite universities, where science employers tried to boost their slowing innovation by importing cheap labor to force down the wages of American scientists, he said.

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