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The Pacific is becoming a dangerous place
We're a maritime nation so everything we do should have that in mind. A small population of < 5 million with limited resources what do do have is:

About 5000 well trained soldiers, including an SAS contingent. They have served with the US in all recent engagements
4 Orion maritime patrol planes - old
4 really old Hercules
New A109 helicopters
2 frigates with Harpoon missiles and seasprite ASW choppers
A multi role troop/helicopter carrier ship
A brand new fleet oiler/ supply ship
A bunch of fisheries patrol boats

On order:
Some Boeing long range maritime patrol planes that can launch cruise missiles

What we should also have:

Some close air support ground attack planes - many options - because our troops have zero cover and rely on our allies for it

Some armour. We bought the wrong vehicles: Canadian LAVs and they're useless.

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