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As I've suggested before, I feel that covid is a real virus,a real virus that is being intentionally spread in certain locations by bio-terrorist's using low tech methods

now, ironically, we see covid outbreaks in "politically contentious" areas. All of which are pertinent to the USA....We see "mass upticks" in "swing states" Florida, Arizona, Texas and California, and now we see mass uptick in Hong Kong, also another political factor for the USA.

And of course we know that all the statistics,numbers and math are all fudged and intentionally incorrect. We have no idea how many people have it and how many have died. All figures are lies, so there is no way to know the real truth of how bad it is or not, THAT , is how they are controlling the population, UNKNOWN FEAR

I'm sure this is just a coincidence.

Again, the only thing that will save humanity is if you come together and boycott all central bank money, all crypto, all Precious metals, and collectively re-create the global monetary systems and kill all the people that have been doing this.

But we know that's not going to happen, you'll never be able to stop using their money, and so your fucked
Ok, I'll bite. I agrree that the science on Covid is not good, and heavily politiciized. I also think your point about the confusion creating " unkown fear" among the population is also valid. There appears to be a lot of politicians and members of the media that will do almost anything to achieve their political ends and using Covid is just another tool for them. I don't think think there are " superspreaders" going around intentionally infecting the populace on a wide scale. If you think so, all I can say is prove it. Show me one in action.

I think precious metals and crypto are ways to save wealth and keep it out of the corrupt financial system. Especially physical gold in your possession. Even funds backed by physical gold and denoted electronically are much more out of the system. Crypto? Well, their entire creation was to provide a system removed from the Central Banks. So please do elaborate on why using these should be boycotted also. "Collectively recreating the global monetary system" sounds awfully new word order to me, perhaps with the likes of you in charge? And what exactly do you propose using as money anyway?

Gold is true money. It is inherently rare and has stored value and wealth throughout the ages. It really requires no "system" at all. It is the ideal money for all freedom loving people.
Monty Python: “There are a great many people in the country today, who through no fault of their own, are sane.”
I had enough for one day.  I think I will have another beer and try to forget Covid-19 wants to kill me.

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