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The Designer virus
The smart virus hypothesis.

Coronavirus could have been created by "The Designer".

Think about it. A virus that takes out elderly, many younger people think they are past their useful life.

So when it first struck, it appeared that omly the elderly and infirm would succumb.

Societal discipline was ordered by the PTB. "Stay home, don't go to work unless you have to". This is great for the elites
and those who are independently wealthy. To remove any argument, massive benefits were paid to those without a job and those
looked like their periodic wage payments would be cut. This removed much argument, despite the fact that living costs would reduce
because there was no obligation to seek work.

A test of patience. Those with no interest in learning rapidly lose interest in watching endless Netflix shows or online gaming. Gambling and
alcohol consumption rise to record levels. 

Carbon emissions drop.

The smart, educated people do as they are told. They stay home. Meanwhile the agitators for societal change invent a reason to march on the
streets and destroy whole neighbourhoods.

Just what the NWO needs. Intelligent people who do as they are told. Stuff the rest, let them die.

Brave New World?

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