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Just more of my Stupid Thoughts
1. amid all this complaining and attacking of "wear a mask don't wear a mask".

I'm thinking, like I often do, WHAT IF we applied the SAME rational to other areas. 

for example, how bout we limit food to stop the spread of Obesity related diseases that kill so many people?

just like we dictate masks to stop the spread?

2. along those same lines, it's interesting how so many use the false logic of GROUP GUILT to attack others and support their position - no matter what the facts are.

EXAMPLE: my wife asks me "did you see all those crazy arguments the anti maskers are making".
I ask "did you see all those crazy arguments the pro maskers are making".

then point out that the individuals and their "arguments" ONE at a time are the only thing worth discussing, the grouping of them is simply to cover it all in mud.
course she did not get it,

let me RE PHRASE.

considering 10% of all the general population is crazy,

WHAT IF I SAID "did you see all those crazy arguments the BLACK people are making" and then list a few of the worst.
this would show my bias and intent,  considering I could have said that about ALL people or WHITE people etc.
and you think all this is by accident?
The worst thing about wearing a mask is how badly my glasses fog while I am wearing it. I have tried using Never Fog, shaving cream and other fixes, but nothing seems to help. I stumble around like a blind man while the mask is on.

I saw the pandemic coming in time to order a supply of N95 masks from Amazon while they were still readily available. Sine I have them I compelled to wear them on the rare occasions I go out.
I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having it's motives questioned.
Unless you have the virus, the mask is largely a waste of time.
so "mask" wasn't my issue or question. but oh well

SO What if we use that mask logic, and limit food in order to stem the spread of Obesity?

it's a much bigger killer and it's been proven to work in other areas,
(in Yugoslavia civil war, even Diabetes almost disappeared during their experiment with food limiting)
I get you Dave - where does this end. It's all in your best interests after all??? Sounds a bit like 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'
I wore a college sports team face mask, dark shades (that I bought in Las Vegas) along with a black LL Bean jacket with a hoodie into Whole Foods the other day to buy a chocolate chip cookie (or two). For good measure, I turned up the NWO theme song on YouTube when I was at the checkout counter. Two cookies. Three 1 dollar bills. No change. No receipt. Nothing but net. Where's my pony? So it goes.

da bear

Worst. Spanish Flu AIDS. EVER.
My thoughts:

1.  Yes, a mask may be inconvenient/uncomfortable at times.

2.  Around here, older people use them.  The younger crowd often does not.

I guess it all boils down to: what have you got to lose ?

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