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One For Mattlock

Instead of supplies to fight COVID-19, Native American health center says it received body bags
Marissa Higgins
Wednesday May 06, 2020 ·

"As the United States fumbles in handling the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, many Native American communities are being hit especially hard. While as of Tuesday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said his department would send $4.8 billion in funding to tribal governments, that doesn’t erase the difficulty some communities have already faced. For example, Esther Lucero, chief executive officer of the Seattle Indian Health Board—which serves thousands in the Seattle and King County area of Washington state—told NBC News that instead of getting coronavirus tests in March, the community health center received a box of body bags.

“We asked for tests, and they sent us a box of body bags,” Lucero told the news outlet. The delivery of the body bags was a mistake, she added...."

[Image: GettyImages-1215485907.jpg?1585584625]

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