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This Should Make Everyone Feel Better
I had to double check to make sure today was not April 1st.

Today is the 6th.

All I can say is: "No Comment".

Trump's Economic Advisors Project No More Covid-19 Deaths Starting May 16


[Image: https%3A%2F%2Fimages.saymedia-content.co...ebug=false]

I dunno if aqua's post 'should make everyone feel better",

but this local news story should
Michigan Militia had pledge to not allow the State Police to use force against this guy who would not back down.

A Shiawassee County judge sides with Owosso barber in battle with State of Michigan

The government charged Karl with criminal misdemeanor violations for allegedly violating Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders (EO). All the EOs issued by the governor after April 30, 2020, however, are illegal and unlawful because the Legislature refused to extend her declared state of emergency past that date. Governor Whitmer’s Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Robert Gordon, also improperly issued an “Imminent Danger and Abatement Order” against Mr. Manke on Friday, May 8, 2020. At the direction of the Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, the DHHS Order was personally served on Karl at his barber shop by six Michigan State Police Officers. This order violates the public health code and has not been properly issued.

sometimes the Emperor has no clothes and SOME ONE will point it out

ALL Government power comes
from the point of a gun
AND then ultimately from the consent of the Governed
[Image: EXwhn3lU8AA4scd.jpg]
You're right Dave, all it takes is a few willing individuals to stand up against the bully and it;s game over for them.

Rather like China at the moment.
[Image: 238999_rgb_768.png?resize=807x807]
Breaking: Dangerous Fascist At Large At Michigan Capital And Also Some Peaceful Protesters With Guns

[Image: article-6174-1.jpg]
LANSING, MI—A breaking news report just revealed that there is a dangerous, psychotic, deranged fascist at large at the Michigan state capital and also some peaceful protesters with guns.

"This violent maniac has not been apprehended yet," said one source, "but we know that she is surrounded by armed guards and is considered extremely dangerous."

The potentially deadly psycho was seen going around the capital building completely uncontested, causing many to worry for their safety. Also, there were some protesters who gathered peacefully and exercised their 2nd Amendment rights to carry their firearms in a demonstration for their liberties.

But it's the fascist that is worrying experts.
It is unknown what the unhinged extremist wants, though she was screaming, "Power! Unlimited power!" and cackling toward the heavens throughout the day.

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