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Da Brave New May Rant

...so stocks had a soft opening today, but bounced a bit.  The shorts might have all covered and are now taking a "wait and see" approach to going Full Bull.

So, this 24,000 to 25,000 is important in the short term.

Let's see if stocks bounce the next couple/few days.  BUT, if last week's highs aren't topped then I can see the next leg down fast approaching.

Gold is a HOLD in terms of physical stuff.  Paper gold should be used as a hedge, maybe you have to have some bearish bets to hedge gold and/or silver.

Gold is HIGHER than it was right before it's CoronaCrash.  Silver is not.  The non-confirmation might not be bullish.

I am thinking that until the narrative/fundamentals GIT MOR BULLISH, gold's NEXT SOLID MOVE could be C wave down BELOW it's CoronaCrashGlobalReset Lows.

Not all the stock markets line up very well.  So, play it by ear and watch DA TAPE and DA CHARTS.  I THINK I have some interesting charts but let's see which options play out over the next few days.

I am also looking into the CoronaVirus charts.  I suspect that DA NARRATIVES are either mostly bullshit, or worse, immaterial.  Narratives don't really matter -- this is more of a Pop Psychology POP QUIZ.

MLB is gonna try to start back around July 4th -- BULLISH for Past-America's Past Time.

The #NoBasketballAllowed Roundballpocalpyse continues.  Hopefully it ends soon.   BUT DA NARRATIVE ain't looking so hot!

Baseball and Football have better set-ups at this point.

I will post at least a May Rant soon.  Probably a Spring Report or a May/June Report too.

Off Da February highs there are a couple of different options -- one I like, that I have not yet considered is that v of 3 ended around 29,300ish on the DJIA, and the swift CoronaCrash (that still looks to be unfolding) is wave A down of 4.  Of course, there aren't any FLAWLESS counts when I take into account all 4 major averages that I follow (DJIA, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and NYSE) BUT it looks ok AND I think the trend lines will hold up for this scenario.

Also, 1920-1921 was a nasty correction in stocks and termed a "depression" by many.  This might be similar.  

Next year will be 55 years from the 1966 high and 34 from the 1987 high.  So... bulls ain't out of the woods yet.

The next "turn date" in stocks is May 11th -- supposed to be a high but maybe it is a low.  Although you never know.

I think technicians and AI programs are running this stock market thing.  Probably running the Corona911 thing too.

... Bitcoin bulls are probably gonna take profits here.  I think the next big move is DOWN.  Possibly even below the lows for the year.

Aside from food shortages and toilet paper shortages aka Da Full Bolshevik Playbook, what we have NOW is NON INFLATION.

And, like I have said before, deFault is one of my FAVORITE French philosophers!

da bear

(05-04-2020, 04:13 PM)da bear Wrote: I am also looking into the CoronaVirus charts.  I suspect that DA NARRATIVES are either mostly bullshit, or worse, immaterial.  Narratives don't really matter -- this is more of a Pop Psychology POP QUIZ.

da bear


Rolleyes  If you need some Corona Virus charts, they're out there.

[Image: EXFtHHvXsAACWWY?format=jpg&name=medium]
cool...  yeah, I saw a few of those. 

I also saw a couple more.  Hard to line up a ton.  MOST of these charts look like they were put together by unpaid interns in college who are not called back for a job interview.  

A couple show  a small bump up, then a bigger move, then a smaller rebound rally.  So... I think we are in the big bump up wave 2.  

This lines up with the Spanish Flu waves -- maybe it's just fuckin Spanish Flu round 2 aka PRESS TWO FOR SPANISH FLU.

Fauci's name was on a Spanish Flu paper.  


These guys are hacks.

IRONICALLY, WHOflu CrownVirus has a similar chart pattern/Elliott Wave pattern as the long-term Bitcoin chart so far.

The Spanish Flu BS topped in the June/July months of 1918 or whatever.  So... whoever released the NEW SHIT might have that as the top -- DA DROOLING ELITES CONTROL FREAKS want to control every bit and parcel of this Bullshit.

I didn't know this before, and only learned about it last night, but SUPPOSEDLY someone "discovered" the Conona Virus or is it a "beta test version?" back in 1965 -- so this is 55 years from that (Doctor Fibonacci has entered the chat).

da bear

P.S.  stocks rallying today.  Let's check out last week's high to see what happens.  Once shorts cover if we don't get some big buying then stocks will go back down again.

P.P.S.  Possible that this is only Wave A down of an A-B-C decline.  Although there are no IDEAL counts here.  A sucker high next year with a C low next year might lineup more with 1919-1921.

P.P.P.S.  Physical gold, physical silver, cash, and fiat metals are the REAL DEAL.  Digital trades/investments are only HEDGES -- even Bitcoin.
More potential for stock weakness ahead.  Is today's rally melting at the seams?

da bear

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