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Economy on the other Side of Covid:
Winners: will continue, actually accelerate towards Amazon and Walmart. & all the NET
Lossers: Mom & Pop independents. - Bricks and Mortar and face to face
Would it be inappropriate of me to point out that Government, NWO and Liberal Socialist LOVE this trend,
as they've always hated us independents businesses (and materials)
and consider super large international Corps to be part of the Government and NWO super elites etc.  
Yeah, you could call it the BEZOSvirus or the WHOflu or whatever.

I am currently trying to be the world’s most foremost Non-Essentialist philosopher.

The reading list for Non-Essentialism includes Nietzsche, Albert Camus and other Existentialists like Sarte, the guys like Orwell/Bradbury, and AntiFragile by Taleb. Probably anything by Taleb. Anything on Zen too. Just reread the Art or War, because.... well.

Stocks might retest DJIA 18,000ish lows here.

Gold market all fucked up.

Get Nickels if these banks ever restart.

da bear

The quarantines will continue until morale improves.
American & European workers because they're going to bring a whole lot of jobs back to the USA & EU making things that are now considered 'essential'. Including drugs and related paraphernalia. I think a whole lot of stuff will in future be made nearer to home. 
China: At long last the world has had reality shoved in its face: You can't trust China an inch. A few years back they were allowed to manufacture under licence a NZ brand of baby formula and the horrible little bastards were found to be adulterating it with fillers to make more money. Chinese people come on holiday to NZ to buy baby formula for goodness sake! They don't even trust themselves.

Cruise liner companies. They will never again be trusted. Sure corona virus is a thing but they have incubated several infections in the past. They're floating petri dishes.

Air line companies. I suspect that the corona virus will force companies to operate using less jet travel and once this is over they will curtail spending on travel because they found they could manage without it

Nations that rely on tourism & hospitality. Italy is screwed. 70% of its GDP is tourism. I suppose ditto Greece and Spain and parts of France. The tourism business will take years to come back and when it does come back we can expect to see tighter controls crossing borders.
Winners: probably “Nu Tekkk” for the Brave New Normal.

I can see Block chain, 3D printing and things like that.  

Medical Weed is probably a nice bet!!!!

Other than that: the Bigly Blue Chips.  The big boys rally hard one last time a la 1921 to 1929.

Very big or Very Small and Nimble.  

Big Sports Ball may be in Big Trouble with the NBA specifically at risk.  

Territorial wrestling companies might tend to do well.  

Whoever builds FEMAdomes should do well.  

da bear
Good luck.

The country faces two deadly problems: a pandemic and a pathetically incompetent president.
Oh Jesus Aqua! Get a grip.

Just imagine if Biden was President...
(03-27-2020, 07:19 PM)andrew_o Wrote: Oh Jesus Aqua! Get a grip.

Just imagine if Biden was President...

He isn't.

At least, not yet.

Hopefully, if he does become president, he will have the good sense to let the experts (Deep State, anyone ?) do their work unimpeded.
Aqua, it seems to me that good sense is a characteristic that Biden continues to lose.
I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having it's motives questioned.
(03-31-2020, 05:36 PM)Innocynic Wrote: Aqua, it seems to me that good sense is a characteristic that Biden continues to lose.

Can't say that I pay much attention to him.

Ditto for the board's cult hero, who lies every time he opens his mouth.
Will the virus topple some governments?

Iran, Italy, Russia, Saudi are all vulnerable right now.

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