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Wuhan protection. ooops, it's Gone!!
So, weird as it may sound, a few MONTHS ago I found a unique Hand Sanitizer and started using it at my Restaurant and at home.
works so good that it sounds like Magic!

Lasts on Hands for 24 hours or thru TEN Handwashings!
Lasts on surfaces for up to 28 DAYS!!!
Proven effective against Corona-virus.
unique active ingredient amosilq

a few days ago I got a CASE of individual bottles and bulk dispenser refills.
A bit expensive but I could NOT resist giving out more than a few to several friends begging me for a bottle.
(they don't want their kids bringing germs home from school)

I just got an email from them and they are
GOOD - shipping all their stuff to CHINA
BAD -  and will therefore SHUT DOWN THEIR ONLINE STORE TO DOMESTIC SALES (supposedly temporary till they rebuild inventory)

Here is how they worded it:
(my bolding)

Quote:    Dear David,
 We recently expanded our sales network into China through our partner Nanjing Jienuo Biotechnology Ltd, ahead of the coronavirus crisis. In order to help with the enormous crisis, we sent Prefense inventory to China before the transportation systems began shutting down i.e. just in time!
In order to support our U.S. sales partners, we are going to take the prefense.com store offline for awhile. The website will still be available. We will take orders until early Monday, February 10th, 2020. We expect to be back in operation in 2-3 weeks.
You can find links to our U.S. national distributors at the top of our store locator page. They are all great partners, have Prefense in-stock, and would love to hear from you! In addition, if you are in the Chicago area, please stop in and visit one of our retail partners. The Store Locator is working again! All 13 Chicago area Fruitful Yield stores carry Prefense.
In addition, Safety-Med Products will begin offering the Prefense Starter Kit, and will also offer the $5.00 off coupon. The Starter Kit has been a great success already in its very brief time on the market. You can still use coupon code STARTERKIT on the Prefense store until Monday. Please see the Safety-Med Products website next week for their coupon code detials.
As I said, you'r going to start to see lockup in tons of things you didn't even know you wanted,needed or existed.
I had to laugh last night at the news regarding situation that infected cruise ship in Yokohama. The passengers were told they would have to stay on it for two weeks because they was the period between infection and symptoms becoming evident.

But that's not the truth. I said that to my wife, who I suppose is weary of my outlandish theories after 44 years of marriage.  :-)  and explained the logic:

They will stay on that ship until there are no more infections appearing. So far 60 people have developed symptoms. So every day someone becomes symptomatic, that two weeks resets back to day 1. 

Seeing as they're all now being isolated in their cabins for most of the day, the transmission rate within the ship will be slow. Viruses cling to handrails, elevator buttons, door handles. It may be a very slow haul...

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