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Iowa - oops!
Awkward!  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Iowa was a bunch of things:
  • Incompetence - a simple tree-like network of telephone contact (with backup phone numbers) would report numbers centrally very quickly and efficiently. It boggles the mind that reporting the numbers was the hard part here. Keep the branching factor low to ensure short wait times. Voila - results in 20 minutes if things go wrong, less if they do not.
  • Cheating? - this comes up frequently, but I believe that if there was cheating (not saying that there was not), then it was - by far - outdone by incompetence. If you cheat - your top priority is to ensure that it looks fair. Certainly not what happened.
  • A laughable result - sure, it's early and just one state, but the top two choices were a gay man and a socialist/communist loon. Followed by someone who is provably a serial liar, and who thought that it was a good idea to go public with her DNA test results. I don't think that any of these are going to be electable. Not to mention that they will be torn to shreds by the President.
Love the video:
  • The person casting the vote did not know that he was gay? I am not even American, would not be a Democrat, and would not have even a remote interest in supporting any of the candidates, and I knew that he was gay. I guess that this just shows how much research is done by voters.
  • Love how the employee was telling the voter that it was wrong to have sexual orientation taken into consideration. Basically, your opinions are wrong, vote the right way!
Just for reference, I have zero issues with gays. But a lot of voters will.
The woman in the video is motivated enough to come to a caucus but doesn't know Pete Butt is a homo? How can that be?
Monty Python: “There are a great many people in the country today, who through no fault of their own, are sane.”
Not only was the woman a Democrat, but she'd bothered to get out of our and attend, covering herself with supporters pins.
Does she live in a cave or does MSM carefully avoid the gay thing?
An idea I've floated once before. Now James Wood is saying the same thing:

James Woods Thinks ‘Nuclear Cockroach’ Hillary Clinton Has ‘Solid Chance’ To Become 2020 Nominee

What he said on twitter:

Just for giggles, imagine this: the #IowaCauscuses were not a snafu, but an engineered “cluster muck” to keep the #Democrat field wide open.  The #ImpeachmentSham was a way to air Biden’s corruption. The chaos leads to a brokered convention. Guess which drunken hag saves the day?

I think either the 'nuclear cockroach' or Bloomberg will be handed it at the DNC

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