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(02-16-2020, 10:30 PM)DaveGillie Wrote:
(02-16-2020, 06:27 PM)andrew_o Wrote: Not against mass production but it's foolish to have it all in one country.

SO it's just a matter of degree then to you huh Andrew?

Others argue don't have it all in one household, City or State or Region of the world,
YOU want to dictate "Country" to be the arbitrary subjective limit.
I'm assuming you don't count countries like Swaziland as "Countries"?

ME? I trust a FREE Enterprise Capitalist system to make the determination of "degree" (on average on a MACRO level), rather than Politics or YOU or any other sideline view back seat driver without their own skin in the game.
SURE it's not always perfect, but that is really irrelevant.

I don't disagree with you. 
However global players have to manage risk, just as we all do. And one facet of that risk is 'national risk'.

Things like confiscation , economic collapse, revolution and natural disasters all factor.

As for your blind faith in capitalism, lots of companies have rushed to invest in China in order to cut cost to manufacture, only to find their intellectual property was ripped off and their business destroyed.

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