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US evil School Lunch (MY anectdote)
SO I wonder why my 13 year old son is racking up such a huge School Lunch Bill
(nearly $700 instead of the $400 they say it should cost me)

I confront him and He CLAIMS they charge him a huge penalty to drink healthy WATER instead of FATTY cholesterol/calorie laden WHOLE MILK. Heavy on the added SUGAR too, in that 90%+ of their sales are Chocolate Milk.
Turns out they DO charge him an EXTRA $1.50 per day for taking WATER INSTEAD OF MILK
(I can buy retail water BOTTLE for 25 to 50 cents on the street)

Now I find that hard to believe in this day of our Government bragging about making School Lunch program "healthier".

SO I have my wife check on it and get this email back from them:
Quote:Sent: Friday, January 10, 2020, 7:42:38 AM EST
Subject: Re: Food Service Account Balance
Hi Cindy,
Yes, that is correct water is an extra and does not replace the milk. He does not have to take a milk with his lunch. He has to take  at least 3 out of the 5 components with one of the 3 being a fruit or vegetable for it to be a lunch. 
Food Services Director
New Lothrop Area Public School

btw, most schools get FREE school lunches.
but NOT OUR district because we're one of the "evil" ones
(white suburban lower middle class)

Why can't he take his own lunch? My kids were always given a healthy lunch box to take to school.

even now, my wife makes my lunch. Todays menu:

Breakfast - porridge oats with apricot.
Morning tea. Raisin toast and banana bread
Lunch - Herring in curry sauce with pineapple (crazy but it was great) on whole grain toast.

Snacks - A Victoris Plum and a banana.

Noticed one of my colleagues (who is relatively fit and healthy) had fish and chips from the local take away.
Is he allowed to take his own bottled water?

In the UK you can buy small bottles of San Pellegrino in supermarkets for about 50p, which is slightly more than American 50 cents. San Pellegrino is probably the best tasting bottled water, loaded with natural minerals and fizzy.

I know most people prefer to just use tap water and buy a dedicated re-usable bottle, but if you are being charged about £1.50 for presumably tap water then you can afford to splash out on super tasting premium bottled water costing 50p.

In Germany they think tap water is awful, and most restaurants won't serve it to you, even though it is perfectly ok to drink. In restaurants bottled water costs the same as really good beer, though in supermarkets bottled water is extremely cheap, and tastes wonderful.

The school should be providing access to free water at all times. In Europe, many public places do, it is a health and safety issue. You would even make sure your pets can access water whenever they want.
(01-16-2020, 04:43 AM)wayniac Wrote: Why can't he take his own lunch? My kids were always given a healthy lunch box to take to school.

Awesome idea,
(that's help individuals, but still, we should recognize the evil of a powerful huge mandatory bureaucracy that is so evil)

problem is my wife and son won't allow/accept that, sadly. (long story)

but also you do realize in the USA it is a ARE school that has more than a handful of kids bring their own lunch,
and many (mainly larger districts that do just plain outlaw it!! - seriously)

(01-16-2020, 01:53 PM)silverfish Wrote: Is he allowed to take his own bottled water?


The school should be providing access to free water at all times.  

YES AND NO! on the "own bottled water".

good question, he does take tap water in a very nice insulated refillable drinker and uses it throughout the day.

PROBLEM IS he carries it in his backpack and backpacks are now STRICTLY Controlled in public schools for "safety concerns".
it MUST stay in his locker, not allowed to carry it around nor to most classes NOR TO LUNCH ROOM.
while he drinks most the bottle thru the day, he can't feasibly have it at lunch due to this wacko policy.

AS to the school providing access to free water at all times, they do, with fixed fountains in various locations
this would be great for ME, but my son is like 99% of people who want to drink intermittently AS they eat.

and again, while these are good work arounds etc,
the negative side effects of a dictatorial bureaucracy needs be recognized as the issue here,
once it's recognized, work can happen on improving it,
issue here seems that I'm the only one who sees a problem
in the USA the vast majority of school kids are very over weight, we give lip service to helping them but do stupid stuff like this a LOT.
So much for the land of the free!

People are their own worst enemy.

This habit of continually sipping water from a bottle ia akin to sucking on a dummy (pacifier).

At school we drank 1/3 pint of milk at morning break and water at the lunch time break. You don't need to continually drink water but people do it if they have a bottle to hand. It's a silly habit that should be broken. I see people doing it in cars and on trains and buses.

The notion that you have to be 100% hydrated at all times is yet another modern fad brought on by the bottled water industry.
Don't they have water fountains?
(01-17-2020, 04:52 AM)andrew_o Wrote: Don't they have water fountains?

fixed fountains in various locations

this would be great for ME, but my son is like Most people,  he wants to drink intermittently AS he eats.
going to a fountain after the meal doesn't seem to get it (especially IF it's not clean and you're not watching a school full of teenagers spitting in it etc)

but again, the point of me pointing this out wasn't to find a work around, I can afford the water
the point is how BAD bureaucracies and Liberals can be in their positions of Power - and how hypocritical AS they say "we want healthier school lunches" and "we hate profiteering" (( if it's yours not our schools)))
but then LOOK at their actions - like this one I pointed out.
Ah I get it!
It is a stupid rule and if I was Dave I would want to rattle some local politicians' cages over it. A good lawyer might even be able to make a legal case, though Dave probably has better things to do with his time. Water is a basic necessity, chocolate milk isn't.

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