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Oh Canada!
Professor says it’s ‘absolutely correct’ that he’ll fail students who cite Jordan Peterson

Quote:Ted McCoy has some advice for his students: Don’t cite Jordan Peterson if you want to pass my class.
The University of Calgary sociologist, whose specialty is the history of prisons and punishment, tweeted that it’s “absolutely correct” that students will fail his class if they cite Peterson, a popular Canadian psychologist and self-help author who is vilified by some progressives.
The Tuesday tweet responding to alleged rumors about his grading practices, since deleted, was promoted by The Post Millennial. McCoy’s Twitter profile is also now marked private, so it’s not clear whether he has elaborated on whether the Peterson tweet was serious, joking or something in between.
The College Fix has asked McCoy to clarify the context of his tweet, such as whether he’s complaining about the number of students who cite Peterson in their assignments, making an inside joke, or preemptively sharing his grading criteria.
Asked if McCoy’s department or administrators had talked to him about the tweet, an administration spokesperson told The Fix Wednesday night he had “limited information at this time”:

Critical thinking and analysis are encouraged at UCalgary. The academic work of our students is assessed on merit and subject to official grading criteria and standards.

UCalgary is fully committed to providing a rich teaching, learning and research environment and in ensuring our students have a rewarding student experience. [Yeah sure it is]
This says it all...

Diversity is our strength, but apparently diversity of thought is kryptonite.
This whole facade will come tumbling down because it has no foundation.

Just watch & wait. I am evermore convinced we will soon witness the collapse of half of the subjects taught in college.
(01-10-2020, 07:31 PM)andrew_o Wrote: This whole facade will come tumbling down because it has no foundation.

Just watch & wait. I am evermore convinced we will soon witness the collapse of half of the subjects taught in college.


I hear what you're saying,

but I'm not sure they'll give up that easily.
for examples:
as one who interacts in the business world and with Govt bureaucrats fairly often - I've noticed a recent trend:
LOTS of the officials - that were always staffed by older EXPERIENCED people, are now very young people with weird college degrees and NO WORK EXPERIENCE. They have power over us and wield it like a little child (I sorta prefer the bully style of the past).
Not just Govt, but big business, utilities, charities and quasi govt agencies seem to think they must do this as well.

Those wacko college degrees are required to get a powerful position
[quote pid='23326' dateline='1578713510']

but I'm not sure they'll give up that easily.




The College Wealth Premium Has Collapsed
what if those earnings are no longer translating into financial security and long-term prosperity? A new study by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests that might be the case. College still boosts graduates’ earnings, but it does little for their wealth.

The paper, by William R. Emmons, Ana H. Kent, and Lowell R. Ricketts, is an exercise in pulling apart averages. As a general point, college graduates earn more and are worth more than people without college degrees. And, as a general point, the college earnings and wealth premiums—meaning how much more a person with a college diploma makes and owns than an otherwise similar person—are large. But upon close examination, terrifying generational and demographic trends emerge.
University Education is a scam unless your going to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or some such thing.
The rest is just Liberal Arts bullshit.
This system of so called Higher Learning is as old as my grandpa's buckskin rubber, and has twice as many holes in it.
You're right Matt

In the end what will finish off these faculties is a decline in punters prepared to enroll

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