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Bannon's War Room is great!
Just found it . Absolutely the best.  Listen to it on warroom.org.  Or I get it on my Rokku from Newsmax televised live from 9am to 10am.  

Always have liked Bannon, but would really like him to explain the episode that got him kicked out of the White House.  His analysis of the impeachment is spot on IMO and very informative.  He talks a lot about the how and why of the media war against Trump, the techniques used,  and who gets to control the narrative.  VERY informative.  He says to enjoy your Thanksgiving because it's really SHTF time next week.

I don't know the two co-hosts but one is an ex Farage operative who is also extraordinary.
Thanks for the link.

The UK guy is Raheem Kassam, who is really good and who I follow via Facebook.
The show is the greatest. What a service to the country Bannon and his pals are doing.

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