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California real estate plunge!
oh just you wait....it will take a bit of time, but as the exodus picks up speed, the rich will eventually be left surrounded by ms13 gardeners and nothing else....things only have value if people think its worth something.....
Yep. It's a trickle at the moment but will eventually be a flood

All that movie and tech stuff - it's totally portable
I think they're all moving to Virginia.
(11-12-2019, 08:05 PM)doubletroublejim Wrote: I think they're all moving to Virginia.

God, I hope not.
well one things for sure, my early indicators are suggesting that califonians are the new mexicans, people from boise, texas, and pretty much all the surrounding areas where the right wing californians , or heck just middle class ones are moving too are starting to complain about "them damn califonians"....as apparently,just like mexicans they ain;t much on assimilation and seem to be more into shitholeization
My friends up in Northern Ca tell me it's a solidly red area where they are but things are so tense - it is recommended NOT to ever have a conversation about politics.

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