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Asbestos in water pipes...and beer.

Interesting article.  Nobody has actually proved that asbestos in water is harmful, it is more the airborn fibres that cause lung mesothelioma and in talcum powder ovarian cancer.  Though as it takes over twenty years to have its effect, might be hard to prove connection with cause.

I did wonder if hard water might protect pipes from asbestos in their cement getting into the water, just as it does with lead pipes.

Asbestos sounds so ubiquitous it is a wonder anyone is still here.

Sorry I just tested the link and it isn't taking you to the article. You can get the article by googling it and following Google's link. I will try tomorrow to find the keywords that exactly find the article in Google, too tired now. This article mentions asbestos used in beer https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article...RUPLE.html?

It seems French wine was made with asbestos, and men and women drink wine equally, whereas beer was a man's drink in the seventies.
Ours is not to reason why.  Ours is to enrich the 1%.
I just entered the words financial times asbestos water into Google, and this article was right at the top and accessible.

The article is called Testing the Water, enter that into Google if this article isn't coming at the top of your search.

(11-05-2019, 12:59 PM)aqua Wrote: Ours is not to reason why.  Ours is to enrich the 1%.

The Financial Times is read by the 1%, I think the old description was that these are the people who really do run the country.
It's a case of correlation not necessarily equating to causation.

The quote was that it was "plausible". I'd say unlikely.

I've never seen asbestos used in beer making. It's ancient technology. The use of cotton/asbestos filters started before the first world war until the DE filters were developed pre WW2 by the Americans, so I'm surprised anyone was still using cotton/asbestos in the 1970's.

There wasn't some kind of plot by the 1% as Aqua claimed. Asbestos was viewed as a wonder material that was perfect for many applications and in fact was really hard to replace when it was found to cause asbestosis. It's latency was the problem - people had been breathing it in for decades before they went sick by which time millions of people were affected. I've worked in boiler plant with asbestos lagging and have blown brake drums out that asbestos pads in my youth, so I may be affected too.

Meanwhile, you know what else definitely causes cancer of the mouth. throat & stomach?



This is the most likely cause of these cancers in men who drink a lot of beer.
"Meanwhile, you know what else definitely causes cancer of the mouth. throat & stomach?"

Too bad it's not lying. The politicians would be dropping like flies.
Meh' it's good for ya, like fluoride, keeps you from all that nasty thinking stuff,right up there with a broken bag of glass, kids love that kind of stuff.

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