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Daily Mail Rates Trump's Doral
Reporter visits Trump's Doral resort, finds a sh*thole

Aldous J Pennyfarthing

[Image: IMG_2051.JPG?1492094350]

"I guess Donald Trump runs his resorts like he runs our country.

A Daily Mail reporter recently visited Trump’s Doral golf resort, where he wanted to lure foreign leaders and dignitaries like Buffalo Bill beckons luckless victims into shitty vans, and he found, well, a shithole.

Okay, if you’ve eaten lunch recently, bookmark this diary and come back later. It’s gonna get gross.
The Daily Mail:
Quote:Visitors need only to sit by the aquarium windows of the resort's BLT Prime Restaurant to understand  fully why it was ridiculous to even consider hosting an auspicious gathering like the G7 there.

They can munch on a $106-porterhouse steak while enjoying the views of not just one but two county garbage dumps rising high above the golf course's palm-tree line – and getting higher by the day.
If French President Emmanuel Macron was digging into a $38-Dover sole at a different window, he'd be able to spot, just to the west, the smokestacks and silos from a garbage-burning plant towering over the 12th hole of the resort's famed Blue Monster golf course.
Oh, but it gets much worse:
We checked out the Trump Spa, where guests can get a $300-massage with an anti-aging serum and organic oils that leaves 'your skin feeling like silk,' according to the resort's brochure.
Silky skin, however, doesn't feel so silky if it touches the rim of the toilet in the men's gold-and-marble bathroom caked in what appeared to be feces, which we witnessed on the afternoon when we visited.
There's the mold growing alongside a ceiling AC vent in the lobby and on nearly every chaise-lounge by the pools.
There are black stains in the large aging carpets by the lobby bar.
During our stay, we found other malfunctioning equipment and questionable sanitary conditions at a resort where the average room goes for about $350 a night, placing it out of bounds for most Trump voters.
There’s more, but we’re heading into the weekend, and you probably want to eat at some point in the next two days.
Of course, Trump visits his own resorts on a regular basis, so the place is almost certainly redolent of molted Trump rind as well. And I’ll bet that dude sheds skin like a gecko."

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