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Submitted for your prusal, the hedonistic induced rambelings of one named MATLOCK in his visionquest to venture into the not too distent future from the present, by revisiting the ways of the past and his red-nigga ansestors...
A brave but simple man, armed with only an open mind, and a dime bag of premo-mexican hoochiejuana, a bottle of mescal, three pyotie buttons, and two warm n willin mexican temptresses.
He enters into the "psychological sweatlodge" with no hesitation, in his dedication to "takin one for the Tao' team" that they may be forwarned and forearmed of the wonder & wickedness of the New Year.
From his forced over indulgence and self sacrifice of self for others, he bravely goes forth into the dark nether-regions of the ghosts of things yet to come to seek counsel with the Great Sperit and the long gone wise elders of his clan...
These are the things he seen & heard in that drink, drug, and raw debatcherous laden expedition...
Take them as you will... Believe it & Recieve it, or deny and decry it as unholy herricy.
What is posted shall not be recanted!
2015 was an interesting year, a lot of good things happened, a lot of bad shit happened, and a whole buncha just plain ole everyday bullshit just happened.
But 2016... now theres a year to look forword too...
It's another on the dole free bread & circus year, a leap year, an even numbered year, a shemittah year, a jubalee year, a Presidental se-lection year, a last Obama year, THANK GOD!
But most importently, its yet another year to set some shit right, seek out & take advantage of oppertunities, make some gains, cover some losses, cover your ass, and get ya shit togather year.
366 days {barring the unexpected disaster or death} to do what you will, what ya can, what ya aint supposed too, and what ya can get away with.... just dont get cought!
2016.... What wickedly wonderful things could the new year hold in store?
A whole lotta the same damned bullshit last year did, with a few exceptions.
I forsee several trends that are not going to change anytime soon, and some new ones coming.
For most everyone business wise; Its maintain, hold on, and just watch n wait this year... across the board.

1. Your going to see the Muslim community withen our country really start to use the "freedom of religion and speech" laws to their advantage, to the point of abuse & luniacy in their interpretation of them.
2. They will peticion the courts, and bring suit againt those they feel are an oppisition to their set goals and ajendas.
3. The Black Lives Matter movement will act out even more outragously at public venues this year.
4. You will see a serious counter attack & backlash on immagration, both H1-B workers and illegal immagration.
5. People are going to be even more outspoken on issues that consern them, to the point of "standing out" BIG in the media.
6. The news media itself will be borught to task over thier obvious bias on things. Major news people will get sacked.
{The inter-webs is making it harder to pass a lie as the truff, the "cellphone on the spot observers" live feed it compressing the time for "spin & dammage control" in the media drasticly" now.}
7. Sisemic activity will increase in the contenental US with even more small quakes in the east and central areas & northwest coast.
8. This will be a wet year for the US with more rains n flooding.
9. Your going to see more odd weather, rogue storms & tornadoes, high winds and ice this year.
10. This cycle of bad weather will do a lot of damage to property and crops this year.
11. Your going to see a serge of folks moving to where the work is, more than ever.
12. Texas will be getting a lotta new folks movin in.
13. Your going to see more civil unrest in the black communities across America.
14. Real estate will serge in some regions in the south, and on the coast's but be flat overall.
15. Bigger citys are going to have to cope with shrinking tax bases, as those who are able GTFO!
16. Your going to see more overt hatred towords Big Banks and their employees & owners.
17. Big Bidness will be vilified as well, as outsourcing and layoffs contenue.
18. Your going to see more of the "mobile-homeless" living in thier vehicles.
19. More student loans are going to default than ever this year, as those graduate cant make payments on the loans.
20. Many "well to do" upper middle class will be forced to openly "downsize" thier lifestyles.
21. Smartphones will become faster, cheaper, and even more availible across the globe.
22. Cell service will improve everywhere, except where YOU are though, its still gonna suck!
23. Fuel prices will stay withen reason this year due to the Se-lection coming up.
24. The Dems will ply voters with free bread & circuses as always... It wont help.
25. Two SCOTUS seats will open up this year.
26. The Rethuglicant Primaries will narrow down really fast this year, Trump will all but steamroll them...
27. Nobody really likes Hillery...nobody, not even Bill & Chelsey. I'll be suprised if she even votes for herself! Shes a dead horse candidate, I dont see a BIG turn-out for her.
28. Rethugs will take the Whitehouse, and will have to fight the DEMS on everything...
29. China will contenue its push and global initives this year. They wont mess with Taiwan other than as a decoy. They is mass conquerin the globe! But with gold, instead of bullets... at first.
30. The MONEYCHANGERS & PHERISES  in the US will be even more disliked & vilified, Israel as well.
{Folks are slowley wakin up to how the FED is donkey-punching them & profiting off thier backs... They ain't liking it.}
31. Retail sales will not see any big increases in durible goods.
32. The nation will be in a standstill & limbo of sorts till the Se-lection field narrows down. Its maintain, watch n wait this year.
33. People will sell thier properties at cost or a loss just to get free of them this year.
34. Its going to be a "buyers market" for those of means to do so this year.
35. Rv & trailer sales will hold steady and improve as downsizing contenues.
36. Raw land will be a BUY for those with the cash.
37. Non ferrious meatals, will be low throughout the year. copper, brass aluminium etc, will all but flatline.
38. Thier will be a deflation in many areas of commerce this year, take advantage of it now.
{ My advice;  Retailers will be hungery for a sale, exploit it for all its worth.}
39. Like it or not, wages will contenue to "stagnate" for most workers this year, and it will ripple up through retail.
40. Fast food and chain type resturants are gonna get squeezed some more this year as well. Dat 1$ menu gonna get bigger!
41. The house of SAUD is in for a rude awakening this year... They tried to squeeze Pooty & Russia and they ain't gonna forget it.
42. Thier will be more destabilisation in the ME from extremist & militents backed by Russia, China, the US and Israel.
43. Iran is gonna catch hell from ebberbody, unless they wise up an play ball with the MONEYCHANGERS.
44. The Russians in Syeria are gonna bring the pain to Isis/Isel= whatever the fcuk they are callin themselves today.
45. Turkey gets a big ole Donkey-punch this year. Pooty will wait a bit to get em back though... Its winter, but spring comes...
46. INDIA is gonna be OKY-DOKY, and turn out to be a great US friend in that region.
47 Saudi Arabia is going to see a lot odd friction from OPEC to stop holding oil prices down.
48. Pakistan will try to stringthen its ties with the US just as India will. Cashmere will be the reason.
49. People in the US will be openly angery at politicians and the gubberment, you will see more protests & even occupation of gov properties as a result. This thing out on the west coast in just the start...
50. CUBER is going to really open up to the US this year, almost to the point of pre embargo status.
DAMN! That was just 50, and that was mostly some shitty news if it comes to pass aint it?
Well, some of it is anyway, but hold on theres good shit rollin downhill as well folks, it aint all crap n crackers!
Theres always oppertunities to "monitise" and "Turn a Buck" on anything, even stright up bullshit!
You just gotta know where to look... Thats gonna be the KEY and the DIFFERENCE tween WINNIN & LOSIN this year.
Let's just be honest...
YOU want as MUCH good as you can get, with as LEAST as you gotta PUT OUT to GIT IT!
We ALL do, so your not alone in that, far from it.
51. The markets will contenue to "pump & dump" in sectors across the board, PM's & commodities will be down n hold with the usual seasonal spikes as expected.  It will be a BEAR but with a BULLISH attitude...
Buy the dips, get on the ship, and ride the wave, and jump ship before the crest is topped out.
52. Your looking at a THRIFT-STORE ECONOMY going forword into this year, know that. Money & credit will be tight for most...
53. If your looking for dividends, think companies that provide "common everyday expenditure products" that sell across social strata, in low to high demographic markets. No they aint flashy, pretty or glamorus, but they are used & needed necessities...
54.We all gotta take a shower, brush our teeth, wipe our ass, wash our clothes, & feed our pets. Even the poor dont wanna be stinky, be nasty, or deal with hungery dogs. These type of companies will hold well even in a correction.
55. Solid name brands will hold steady to gain in this year, but the off brands & generic and store brand providers, will gain a lil more as the penny penchin ensues. po is as po does bubba...
56. Power & Utilities will hold the line this year barely as the cut-backs & downsizing trend goes along.
57. Communications & hi tech will see gains on the mobile & smartphone side as more people go wireless as possible.
58. Pharma will gain, as more n more boomers age on.
59. The Funeral industries will do well too, boomers are just dyin to perticipate!
60. Lower service industries will gain, cause we Americans are a lazy buncha arrogent stuck up hoity fuckers who think some things are just beneath us, to do ourselves still...
61. GUNS GUNS GUNS, we all love to keep and arm bears, now more than ever, but don't forget the mags & ammo!
64. Your going to see a TOKEN crackdown on the MONEYCHANGERS this year, but its going to be a fine & slap on the wrist at most. There will be a few "sacrificial lambs" in the bunch just for show this year, but its business as usual...
65. More folks, personally & professionaly are going to bust out, & go tits up, and sell out than ever this year.
66. WWIII not just all out this year, more build up and propaghanda too it, YES but no real open all out world-war just yet...
67. Even with a glut of oil, people are still going to persue aluturnitive energy, solar, wind, hydro and geothermal.
68. The used car business will do very well this year.
69. The repair industries across the board, will do well this year as folks try to fix first rather than buy new.
70. Multi-generational living arrangements, roomates, & communal living will gain even more ground this year.
71. The used & referbished business will do damn well this year.
72. Prople will cut down & cut back on descessanary spending, and try to strech limited and lower incomes farther.
73. Political Correctness will be seriously challenged withen sociaty, as more pissed off Americans call a shovle a spade.
74. Younger men will contenue to shun marriage as they wise up to how "rigged" matramony is against them withen the courts,
and more men will try to avioid extorsion through the legal system.
75. Women will contenue to be overly sexual, and less chaiste at younger ages across the board and more mercenary than ever.
76. The sexual exploytation of men will drasticly increase as women prostitute themselves even more to make ends meet.
77. The vice trades will contenue to gain ground, as people seek escape from thier problems through drinking, drugs, gambeling & sexual exploits.
78. Insurence fraud will increse as folks try to scam a buck any way they can.
79. CA, is going to catch hell all year, weather wise. from fire to flood to sudden sizmic activity.
80. Flash-mob type disturbences will increase, as younger adults & teens take oppertunity where they see it.
81. Private Security Industries will be very profitible this year.
82. RV parks, trailer parks, and campgrounds will see more use and more long term tenents.
83. Home improvement retailers will do well this year.
84. The Homeless will still be vilified in some areas, but many of those who bitch will soon join them.
A lot of the prideful paper-rich are going to get a rude comeuppence, it's closer that they even know or think.
85. The home healthcare industries will expand, as the boomers age and wish to stay in thier homes.
86. The police will be even more agressive in thier "revenue collection" activities as tax bases erode this year.
87. Obummer will be "balls to the wall" with exicutive orders, throughout this year. this gun thing aint nuthin, just wait.
He's goin out  big as possible... His ego demands it, his owners demand it, the libs that backed him damn well demand it.
88. The Re-thugs will all but a rare few who still have a backbone, fold like a one egg puddin to Obummer & the dems whining pissin & moanin...
89. The DEMs will roll out the "scare tactics & gratuitous panderin" to thier base throughout this year to bulk up voters for 2016.
It wont be enough. Old school boomer dems are all but ready to jump ship at the prospect of Shillery.
90. Your going to see a France type terrorst attack in a major city this year, it's going to bring a serious backlash with it.
91. Your going to see an armed attack thwarted by an armed citizen/'s this year as well.
92. Your going to see a more "nationalist" mindset from people this year.
{The common folk are fast growing tired of this bullshit, reprocussions are bound to come}
93. More people are going to embrace the DIY on just about everything possible in an effort to be more independent, and save money.
94. The "Tiny House" & Smaller Space Movement, will contenue to grow as folks downsize.
95. Your going to see more agressive "neighborhood watch" type activity as people move to protect thier hard earned things.
96. Your going to see more riots, racial outbursts and looting among the low minded gimme-dats.
97. Your going to see the police react harshly to run amuck criminal activity.
98. Violent crime in non black areas will contenue to go down, as ccp and open carry expands.
99. College enrolments will slide even more.
100. Cottage industry will expand, self employment and freelance employment will expand this year, as people make a job for themselves.
So therin it is, me fellow TAO'ist... What was seen to be coming, lest the present path takes a detour in the known time-space contenum...
Hey, shit happens, things change, nothing is truely carved in stone but your name in a field when ya check out...
Till then, you always got a fighting chance... Remember that, and ACT!

The fine art of economic advice. Angel Angel Angel

[Image: retail-convenience_store-inconvenient-st...51_low.jpg]
Not to bragg, but I do tend to be pretty accurate Mr Aqua... Wink
(09-19-2016, 09:49 PM)matlock Wrote: Not to bragg, but I do tend to be pretty accurate Mr Aqua... Wink

We are going to need one for 2017 soon. Smile
Rest assured Mr Nettle, I am aware of the need for being forewarned is being four-armed Wink
I try to give yall as many fore-armings as I can... Big Grin 
Every year from Dec - Jan I go forth into the "sweatlodge" on me vision quest into the nether world...

Since 2010 my accuracy ratio is an average of 89.8 %
I got more than my fair share of "stumblin blind luck" Blush
No doubt if I ever tried to "monitise it" I'd be dead wrong 99% of the time. Tongue

I only share my list with family, friends and the fine folks at Tao' Big Grin
Frankly, I hope yall see somethin in there that make ya a mint, or saves ya time, money, or resources, it why I do it.
Oh shit!

Aqua's found out how to post cartoons again!
(09-19-2016, 09:49 PM)matlock Wrote: Not to bragg, but I do tend to be pretty accurate Mr Aqua... Wink

(09-19-2016, 09:54 PM)StingingNettle Wrote:
(09-19-2016, 09:49 PM)matlock Wrote: Not to bragg, but I do tend to be pretty accurate Mr Aqua... Wink

We are going to need one for 2017 soon.  Smile

[Image: business-commerce-economy-economics-boom...18_low.jpg]

(09-20-2016, 08:11 AM)andrew_o Wrote: Oh shit!

Aqua's found out how to post cartoons again!

Yup.  You're in trouble now. Big Grin

[Image: social-issues-police_brutality-protester...10_low.jpg]

Since ole Matchbox continues to struggle in TEXAS ..... do they have any BLACK Texas Rangers yet ???

To do the right thing for the people ... they should begin issuing TEXAS State .9999 gold and silver Coinage

Also ban visits by Hillary and her goons the IRS and all 3 letter agencies

Do an immediate MUZ vettings check on all ISLAMIST burrowed in to the major Cities and shut down any Mosques even if they belong

to Louis Fairykon .......

Get one of those Kanadian rescue towing trucks you see on the ICE ROAD HELL shows and assign it to AUSTIN to pull heads out of ARSES ...

I'm talking about one of those really big ones that can up right a locomotive fully loaded with HILLARY buttons headed for the elections Hq.

Oh the list goes on..... but I digress

TEXAS should be able to take care of itself even if I'm not there ...

( in spite of too many DEMOCRATS )

tut & harrs
Rolleyes    JP MORGAN metals price suppression Team-LEADER / and bank run expert ... to Jamie Diamonds

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