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Reason for Pence returning to DC
My, things are active today.

Mike Pence's airplane has been "diverted" back to D.C. for some sort of "emergency" (or not) ?

Price of gold is up above $1400 again.

Tanks have arrived in D.C. (supposed to be for Donnie's party on Thursday).

A Russian research sub has sunk. (or not)

Putin meeting with Russian defense, UN emergency meeting, Pence called to White House..... AND we're all out of coffee.

Top Fifteen Reasons Pence would be recalled to D.C.

1. The Pee tape has surfaced.  Trump needs to put Pence in a blonde wig and some orangeface…  The bus is out front (in this case, maybe a tank ?).

2.  Trump liked North Korea so much, he has decided to stay and move in with Kim.

3. Trump just had some very bad gas.  He shouldn’t have eaten those North Korean Big Macs. 

4. The White House  just now realized they need a plan for the July 4th  parade.

5.  *Mother* told him she’s having dinner with another man?

6.  Trump flying off to his new dacha in Sochi and leaving Q-tip holding the bag.

7.  Trump locked himself in the bathroom again.

8.  Donnie Two Scoops is flying AIr Force One to fly to Crimea where he can claim a golfing asylum.

9.  Got called back for a fitting of his American Eagle Costume for Trump’s 4th of July party. They are gonna rig a harness and fly him from the top of the Washington Monument, then crash him into the press corp.

10. Trump couldn’t get the ketchup packet open for his chicken McNuggets

11.  Trump is going to tell Pence that Ivanka is replacing him on the ticket in 2020, or that he will be driving Trump’s Sherman tank on the 4th, the one used at the Battle of the Bulge.

12. Aliens are invading!  Or maybe Zombies.

13.  Maybe Kim broke up with Donald and he’s inconsolable. 

14.  Trump is throwing a fit after being told that just because he’s the CIC doesn’t mean he’s entitled to wear a general’s uniform on Thursday.

15.  Trump Trump needed a laugh and thought bringing Pence back would be funny.

Tongue Tongue Tongue

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